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A Woman's Devotion

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A few days ago a lady still young but dressed in black appeared at the anatonrical laboratory of the TJniversity and demanded the body of her husband. The demand occasioned some surprise, but the lady backed up her request with the correct name, and deseription, time and place of death, etc., so accurately that there was no mistaking the body she called for to be the one lately receiv d by the demonstrator of anatomy. To more certainly identify him she followed the assistant down celler into the dead-room where but few medical students have the nerve to enter. Among the corpsea she found her husband and as she took the dead hand in hers she t.poke his name : " who thought you would ever eome to this !' The history of the case is a simple one. A few years ago they were married. He was a railroad man and soon met with an accident by which he lost his leg. Bad habits and drinking followed the despondency occasioDed by the ill luck, and abuse and shame were heaped upon the woman he had chosen and who now did more than her share toward their mutual support. They separated and the lady has Hnce supported herself comfortably. She kept herself constantly informed of her husband's whereabouts, praying and working for his reformation and their final happy reunión. Some time ago she lost track of him, and aftër no littie expense in search she found him dead among the bodies of unknown paupers in a dissecting room. She had not means enough to pay for shipping the body frcm town, but she gave it a reepectable burial in the city cemetery. The case may not be a remarkable one; but it shows a loyalty and devotion on the part of the woman that is well worth recording, and by both sexes better wo;th copyirig.


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