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Broadway's Well Dressed Idlers

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The wel] dressed idlers who border the sidewalks in front of Broadway hotels above Twenty-third Btreet every afternoon ought to be regardedas "Poor Joes," and ordered by the pólice to "move on." Their cigarette smoke, mingled with their of ten not well chosen remarks and criticisms upon passers by, and the evident desire of many to impress the women, make them a nuisance. No gentleman should have the leisure to pose in front of a hotel or any other public p-ace. - New York Mail and Express. Edwin Forrest's Secret. The great tragedian, Forrest, had a secret which everybody ought to learn and profit by. Said he, " I owe all my success to the tact that everything I have undertsken I have done thorcughly. I never neglect trifles." That's the point - don't neglect triflos. Don't neglect that hacking cough, those night sweats, that feeble and capricious appetite, and the other symptoms, trifling in themselves, but awlul in their 6ignificance. Thev herald the spproach of cons-umption. You are in danger, but you can be saved. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dtscovery will restore you to health and vigor, s it hs thousands of othera. For all scrofulous diseases, and coneumption is one of them, it is a sovereign remedy. "Did Mísb Fellows marry Chaska?" will be engraved in the annals of time by the side ol that otherunsolved problem, "Who


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