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A NERVE TONIC. Pk Celery and Coca, the prominent tuft gredients, are the best and safest ■ Serve Tonica. It etrengthens and ■l m at 9 quieta the nervous system, curin; ' J I n T% T Nervoua Weaknese, Hysteria, SleepaÊL PM It drives out the poieonous humors of B? % m the blood purifying and enriching it, ■P B j _ and 60 overeoming thoee diseases Sb I fl I4# isSdbUr topuw or topoverm ICIlrI F A LAXATIVE. HBL V - ■ Jy Actingmildlybutsurelyonthcbowc'.1! BB - it cures habitual constipation, and HH ■■■hk ir promotee a regular habit. Itstrength■■■J ■ ens the stomach, and aids digestión. ■ i yf DIURETIC. B MA M # I I M PB In lts composition the best and most activediureticsoftheMateriaMedica ■k Wil IMUUilU arecombinedacientiflcallywithotliiT I effective remedies for diseaees of the ■H Br 1 kidneys. It can be relied on to give quick relief and speedy cure. x-y mi MnnvrATTn Handredflof testimoniáis have been received Fut Xhe NERVOUS fcomperaonswhohaïenBedthisremedywith The DEBILITATED wSc$iío: wd b Dmggiitf. The AGED. BURLINGTON. VT. Prop's


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