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Michigan Central Railroad Co. Ann Arbor, Maroh 14, 1888. The Michigan Central Railroad will sell Lsnd Excursión tickets at one fare the round trip on March 20, Ap il 3 and 24, May 8 and 22, June 5 and 19, 1888, to points in States cf Minnesota, Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansaa, Texas and Mexico. Tickets limited 30 days from date of sale. Will also on March 26, April 9 and 23, 1888, sell round trip tickets at one fare to large number of points in the South, south of the Ohio River and Bowling Green, Ky. Tickets limited 30 da}s from date of sale. H. W. Hayes, Agent. Wm. W. Douglas will have another auction sale ot Clothing and Furnishing Goods Saturday- W. W. Bliss, Auctioneer. Happy anti Hungry. For over five yeare I was a constant sufferer with that most terrible and annoying disease, dyspepsia. After paying out hundreds of dollars, the only medicine I found that would do me atiy good wrs Sulphur Bitter?. Six bottles cured me. Now I can eat well and am happy and hunery. - Editor. Uliiühetl Awful when I told her what to do for those horrid pimples with which her faca was covered. She now says if you want a pink and whi:e complexion with a nice clear smooth skin, you mut ue that best of all blood puri6ers, Sulphur Bitters. Hooc's Sarsaparílla Combines, in a manner peculiar to itself, the best blood-purifying and strengthening remedies oí the vegetable kingdom. You will find this wonderful remedy effective where other medicines have failed. Try it now. It will purify your blood, regúlate the digestión, and give new Ufe and vigor to the entire body. "Hood's Sarsaparilla did me great good. I was tired out f rom overwork, and it toned me up." Mrs. G. E. Simmons, Cohoes, N. Y. " I suffered three years Lrom blood poison. I took Hood's Sarsaparilla and think I am cured." Mks. M. J. Da vis, Brockport, N. Y. JPuriftes the Blood Hood's Sarsaparilla Is characterlzed by three peculiarities : lst, the combination of remedial agents ; 2d, the proportion; 3d, the process of securing the active medicinal qualities. The result is a medicine of unusual strength, effecting cures hitherto unknown. Send ior book containing additional evidence. "Hood's Sarsaparilla tones up my system, purifies my blood, sharpens my appetite, and seems to make me over." J. P. Thompson, itegister of Deeds, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparilla beats all others, and is wortli its weight in gold." I. Bakbington, 130 Bank Street, New York City. Hood's Sarsapariiia Sold by all druggists. $1 ; six for $5. Made only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar. NEW DESIGNS ! LOW PRICBS ! Having purchased an immense Stock of Wall-Paper during the great manufacturer's Cut Sale, we propose to sell at prices never befo re heard of in the City. Please note prices : Best Brown Blank, 5c to 8c a roll. - White " Oc "10c " " " N i FlalH, 8c " 18c " " " Gilt Paper, 10c " 25c " " Fine Enellsli Paper, 20c " 50c " " We guarantee the Best Stock and Lowest Prices. Ceiling Decoration a specialty. We offer the Best Curtain Poll with Brass trimming all complete, for 40c. Bargains in Opaque Window Shades, Fixture Room Mouldings, etc. GEO. WAHR. Book-Seller & Stationer, Masonic Bik. NEW INVENTION IN LACING W. S. A. COHSET m,. .yHfti w ■ "■ seir-adjustlng SÊ wKSSs&fRjtt -j3l bark can bi' cliaiiy:4'i Bril B il from tiRlit l looe ! II 'ml' 1 IHtinR live 8ec" i 'i !' 1 onds williout remoW V'B1 lii W Y O "s fronl lie person. i "' I "fiï í XKVKK KI'.Ul'IKES P ' ffiia XEW 1.ACES Jiïil lvwïï OK STEEI'S ffff V-W Laces III uot SHOW (aaaülil.m ïulT ii uot m ne W fcy.TÏÏ4 '"'"' ■aHli ♦ i's(. b'i(-littilljf U(I most confortable 'oret ninde. THE BEIr-ADJCBTIMG 'ORSET CO., 120 FRANKLIN ST„ NKW VORK CITY. Factory, Eochester, N. Y. "A TALE OF TW0 LIONS," STORY BY THB AUTHOR OP "SUF," IN THE REGISTER NEXT WEEK.


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