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Raging Rivers

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FL00D8 AND STOKMS. Tortage, Wis., April fc!O.- A larffe portion of the town of Caledonia, Wis., has been flooded. caused by a break in the levee on the west bank of the Wisconsin. Farms are also submerged, and the agricultural season will be set back fully one montb, Pbaieie dü Chikn, Wis., April 21.- The Missmsippi river still continúes to riae, and already the Foiirth ward is entirely under water and many otüer poruous ui mo tauj are submerged." The water in the streets is from three to four feet deep, and in many buildings the occupants have been driven frora the first floor. The depth of the water in the streetB f orces the people to use boats, and the slreeta are lilled with boats, skiffs and raf ts. Dubuque, Ia., April 23.- The Mississlppi is raging here. The levee just below Byan's packing-bouse gave way and the water ruehed in upon the flats, flooding many houses and doing much damage. Below Éast Dubuque men are kept ut work night and day repairing the levee. Thirty houses are inundated at that poinfc In the northeastern pai't of the city the flats are flooded and several narrow escapes from drowning are reported. The contents of Kyan's paokmg house are oeing remuvou. au imv stores along the levee are eudangered. The tmckwater has reached Bookdale, iour miles frora the city, and threatens great damage. The river is still rising, and is now within a fooi oí hign water m-irk ot 1880, when so much damage was done. Th.e river Is now nearly a mile in width at thls point. The scène presented is desolate and threatening. The lumber yards are in dan. ger, and constant vigüance is required tft save all property in the vicinity of tha river. Duquoin, 111., April 23.- A cyolone struck the southern limita oí this place yesterday, demolishiutr fences, barns, trees, outhouses and dwelUngB. Sjveral psrsons were ,injured. Galena, 111., April 25.- The high water in the Mississlppl has encro.iclied on the Rhore here. Tiie freiffht depot of the cago, liudinglon & Northern railroad is surrouuded by water. Several buildings on the levee are aleo flooded. At Clinton, Ia., the water is very high and the low ground near tho river is covered with water. Jamestown, D. T., Aprll 24.- A gorge has foïmed in the James river, ñfteen miles abo ve here, whichis backing the water up and floodini; the country Jor milea Hundreds of residents have been forced to fly to the hills. Tüe wter is ihe highest ever known. Dubuque, la., April 25.- The river rose but one inch in the last twelve hours, and tas probably roached its highest. The levee is wholly covered by water up to the Bidewalk of the buildings.


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