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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiDg is a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as recorded by the register of deeds, for the week ending May 6, 1888: Geo. A. Fuller to Chas. Curtis, Sylvan 8 1 Wm. Sargison to Geo. A. Fuller, Lyndon 800 Frank E. Jones to J. Adam Kleim, Lyndon. 363 Mary A, Gilshanan to Christiua Gllsnanan, Saline 75 A. W. Britton by C. C. C. to A. W. Hyde, Ypsl _... 800 G. S. Gross, et. al. to J. F. Stabler, Guard. Saline „ 675 F. K. 8tabler to Geo. Staebler, A. A 250 Robert Sherwood to Rob't Sherwood, jr., et. al., Superior 1 Robert Snerwood to A. Culver. Superior 1 A. Culver to R. Sherwood, Superior 200 ADzelina Skinner to J. B. Skinner, power of Att'y ..„ N. W. Wilcox to L. E. Whitehead, Milan... 75 Elisa Henry, et. al., to S. Lazell, Bridgewater 1200 Betay Holmes to S. Lazell, Bridgewater 1200 W. Losee to Henry 8nowball, Augusta 438 A. Case to Mary C. Whiting. Manchester 100 G. F. Gwinner to C. W. & M. P. Vogel. A. A. 475 A. P. Hale (by will) to Hannah K. Hale Sarah L. Wilson, et. al., to Ann M. Clark, A. . A 450 L. Fritz, by executor, to C. F. Kapp. A. A S00 Celestia R. Denion to Albert Case, York 700 C, Cornwell to G. W. & R. E. Hurrel, Ypsl... 100 W. Blodgett to C. S. Hewitt, Dexter 400 United States to M. McNamara. Lyndon A. Deepsloffto L. Gruner, (power of Att'y)... J. D. Carey to F. K. Staggemeir, Manchester. 350 J. D. " to F. K. " ■ so Catherine WolfF to Josephlne Naumann, Manchester 1500 Margaret Jung to Henry Jung, Northfleld.... 100 Peter (iallagher to Margaret McGuire, A. A. Elizabeth Rieley to Margaret McGuire, A. A. 1000 Phll. Clark to Ann Clark, Lyndon and Sylvan 400 Hannah S. Winans to C. T. Conklln, Cheisea'. 200 F. K. McNamara to C. T. Conklin, Cheisea. 2400 Miss Nellie Woolcott, an esteemed young lady of 18 years, in Milan, died of diphtheria April 29.