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A series of interesting articles on " Railroading" are now running through Scribner's Magazine. They consist of "The Building of aRailway," " Railway Eng neering Feats," "Locomotivos and Cara," ' Passenger Travel," " The Railroad Ernployer's Life." Chas. Scribner's Sons, 743 Broadway, N. Y. In the July Century is a graphic illustrated history of the Confedérate ram Albemarle, that was one of the most formidable of confedérate warships. Contributions to the artiole are made by several di8tinguished naval commanderg. The Pansey, is one of the best magazines published for cbildren. It is pure and clean in tone, and is issued monthly by D. Lothrop Company, Boston. $1.00 per year, sample copies, 5 cents. The Forum for July will contain. an article by Cari Schurz on the career of Prince Bismarck, Senator Edmunds will discuss " The Political Situation," and Ssnator Wade Hampton will tell "What Negro Supremacy meane." The July Magazine of Art has an interesting paper by Mr. Fred. Kitton on Charles Dickens. Womans' World contains an interesting article on Women's Clubs of London by Amy Levy. About two weeks ago two of Stafford's tailors by the name of Griesman and Fabor made a bet over a trivial matter, which was won by Griesman. Tabor wanted bia money back, but the other couldn't see it in that light. Things passcd along smoothly until Tuesday, when Griesman began to joke fun at Fabor and reminded him oí the bet he bad lost. This was too mucb, and he expressed his contempt for Griesman by pitching him down stairs, fracturing his thumb, and knocking his left arm out of shape. The latter had his man arrested for assualt and battery, and Fabor will be tried before Justice FrueaufiF July 2, having given bonds for his appearance. _________. The spectacular play, "Lost in Loodon," will be preeented at the opera house, Moaday night, June 25, by Newton Beers and his splendid company. Aside frotn musical and terpsichorean novelties, there will be original mechanioal and spectacular effects, notably 'The Cavern of Bleakmoor,' the 'Senaational Snow Scène,' which will be a Rpecially strong feature, the 'Fete of Comus,' which will be one of the most gorgeous floral palaces ever put upon any 8tai;e. The last scène of all, 'Job's Vision,' will be a revelation in poetic and scenic art, being a charming ti ansformation of out oí Babyion into Beulah Land.' The Michigan Central will run a special train to Detroit, Monday, June 25, to give all an opportunity to witness the game of base ball between the two great rival clubs Detroit vs. Chicago. LEAVING. ME. EODND TRIP RATKS Grass Lake 7.30a.m. $1 50 Francisco 7.40 1 25 Chelsea 7.55 1 2o Dexter 8.10 Ann Arbor 8.30 1 00 Ypsilanti 8-55 75 Wayne Junction 9-15 50 Arri ve in Detroit 950 Retuming, leave Detroit.. .7.20p.m.


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