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NOTICE! 'the ann arbor Preserving andZH Pirkling Co., South State Street. Beg to draw the attentlon of THE LADIES of Ann Arbor and vicinlty to THE ADVANTAGES to be gaine d this coming season by bringing up their cans or sending an order to the above Company who are FREFA&ED TO FZLL THLZR CANS WITH au de rara fits AT A UNIFORM RATE, Thus saving them all the Heat, Trouble, Discomfort and Expense of putting it up in their own Homes. Earlv Orders will Cblige. Post-offlce Address look: box ios Canned small fruits 10c per lb. or pint. Preserved small fruits. ...12c per lb. or pint, Canned Peaches and Pears 12c per lb. or pint. Preserved Peaches and Pears. ..14c per lb. or pint. Jellies 10c per glass. Washington Mised Fickles 12c per bottle. CommonPickles, 10c per bottle. Any one leavlne an order at the factory wlll receiTe a bottle of preserve, gratis. WE AHE HERE At the Same Oíd Stand, I0.S1UI, Firsi tirocery East of Post-Offlce, WHKRK YOÜ ARE INV1TED TO CALL! For Sugars that are Strictly Pure, For Coffees that are Perfect in Flavor, For Teas that never turn Red. For Spices that are nol Adulterated, For Flour that Beftts them All, For Kerosene that tfves the Best Light, For Goods of the Highest Quality, For the Lowest Living Prices. Also a full line of Crockery, Glassware and Lamps. Remeniber the place, No. 5 Aim-st.. Ann Arfoor. J. D. STIMSON & SON. "CHICAGO TRUSS.". New Spiral mEgOgJgUËi0 pproved b j Sprina Tnw.BÊBthe high es Hard Rubber &ZK Medical Au Pad; Clean, iSfc thority. Worn Durable.Cheap. WlMP day and nigh by an Infant a week oid or an Adult 80 years Éasily aöon&tcd. It meets all forma of Scrota Fermoral Inguinal and Umbilical Hernia, in both Infanta and Adulta. Satisfaction guaranteed ii all cases. Any desirable pressure obtained. I your druggist does not keep this Trusa, endose stampa and address, CHICAGO TRUSS CO., Chicago, 111 OFFICE AND FITTING ROOM, 122 E. Randolph SL, T. Y. KAYNE, Manager. Sold by Ann Arbor Druggists. PLBASE NOTIOE! THE flüliljtlirtli ICt CO. Will furnish Ice, delivered to any par of the city for season of 1888 : 25 Ibs. daily, except Sundays, $2 per month 25 " 4 times per week, $1 .75 per month 25 "3 " " " 1.50 " 25 " 2 " " " 1.00 " " Hotels, Restaurants, Butchers, etc. will be furnished by ton or hundred. E. 7. HANGSTEHFER, Manager Highest A wards. London, New York, Boston New Orleans, "THE HAMMOND" TYPE -WRITER ! UNEXCELLED FOE SPEED, PERFECT Alignment and Durability The Edison Mlmeojrraph for dupllcating copies, superior to all other methods. Type-Writcr supplies etc.: for Catalogue and pSfU Address W. A. CAMPfA


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