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A new feature of the Bay View asnembly this year, whichclosed on Aug. 15, was a well organizad and well attended School of Music, providing daily instruction in piano, voice, harmony, orchestral instruments, chorus singing, both adult and juvenile, and methods of teaching. As eupplementary to these tpecial branches and to improve the taste and increase the emjoyment of the attendants and patrons of this enterpr6e, there were given three public piano and vocal recitals, inainly contributed by Miss Julia L. Caruthers with the assiatance of Miss Jennie Ninde, Miss Ida Belle Winchell, her sister, Mrs. Sylvester, and Miss Kate Jacobs, all well known as identified with the musical interests of our own city. The recitals were each preceded by two lectures given by Prof. C. B. Cady upon the pianoforte compositionp, their authors and their interpretaron. These recitals were well attended, and by the interest awakened did much toward establishing music in the minda of the hearers as a means not only of refined enjoyment but of intellectual and moral culture. Over 35 compositions were presented in these recĂ­tate, all the piano numbers and most of vocal, were given from momory, and produced a very favorable impression regardicg the methods used in the school of music in this city. A list of the numerical tmportance given the different composers in these programmes, may be of interest as indicating, perhaps, the present taste of the msjority of those who cultĂ­vate the higher forms of musical composition. Pianoforte : Haadel, 1; Bach, 3; Haydn, 1; Beethoven, 3; Mendelsshon, 2; S.'hubert, 1; Schumans, 8; Jensen, 3; Rheinberger, 1. Vocal: Haydn, Jansen, Beoker, Levey, each 1; the remainder being very recent songs and nearly all composed in America.


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