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"suckers" Not All Dead

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Oa one of the principal streets of Arm Arbor last Thursday night, a well dressed young man rode up in an open hack, and called together amotley crowd of workingmen and boys, who under the glare of his gasoline torch, listened to his harrangue, whicb forquantity, ifnotfor quality, stood well to the front. He claimed to be here for the purpose of advertising (nobody knows what), and the eager crowd wai'.ed and watched his motions. He began by telling them that he had classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ; placine jewelry - warranted brass - in each class, consisting of cuff buttons, watch chains, etc, and exhibited a gold (?) watch which he proceeded to wind. The first claas he eold for 10, the second for 25, and the third for 50c ; then $1, $2, $5, and the gold watches last. The boys began to buy the stuff until he sold six or a dozen in the first class, and he gave their money back to them and they retained the glittering gold. All the while the sharper exhorted them to watch him or he would swindle them out of all they had. Then he proceeded to the next class with similar results, and so on till he reached the $1 class. Meanwhile the buyers increased, all anxious to get a great deal for nothing. For $1 he sold the famous "bandanna" (it must have been a Democratie crowd) which some supposed to contain a watch, and he had them al! to hold on to their gooda until he sold about $30 or $40 worth. Then he thanked his customers and rode away, leaving many a poor "sucker" a wiser if not a richer min.


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