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POLITICAL ISSUES. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 31. -Thomas E. Harkwith and Willard Stearns were noniinated for Congress by the Democrats of the Fifth and Sixth Michigan distriots respectively. Cedar Rapids, Ia., Aug. 31.- The Fifth Congressional Republican convention renominated Daniel Kerr, of Grundy County, for Congress. Warrextox, Mo., Aug. 31- The deadlock in the Seventh Congressional district was broken by the nomination of R. H. Norton, of Troy, on the lOSth ballot. TVilkeshakke, Pa., Aug. 81. - ThcUnionLabor State convention nominated Thomas H. Windle for Auditor General and W. L. Bird for Supreme Judge. WicniTA, Kan., Aug. 31.- The UnionLabor convention placed a full State ticket in the field, headed by P. P. Eider for Governor. Janesville, Wis., Aug. 31.- Republicans of the first district renominated L. B. Caswell for Congress. Orand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 31.- The Fifth Congressional Republican convention nominated ex-Mayor Charles E. Belknap, of this city, on the flrst ballot. Evaxsville, Ind., Aug. 31.- The Republicans of the First Congressional district nominated Mr. Frank B. Posey, of Pika County, for Congress. Streater, 111., Aug. 31. - John McLaughlin, a coal miner of La Salie, was nominated for Congress by a convention of independent voters of the Eighth district. He favors a radical revisión of the tariff. Ishpemixg, Mich., Aug. 31. - E. O. Downing was nominated for Congress by Prohibitionists Wednesday. Lincoln, 111., Aug. 31.- The Democrats of the Fourteenth Illinois district have indorsed Bert Stewart, the Labor candidato, íor Congress. Danville, Va., Aug. 31.- The Fifth Virginia district Republicans have named John D. Blackwell for Congress. The Síxth Virginia Republicans have nominated Patrick McAuliff. Selma, Ala., Sept. 1.- Lewis W. Turpin was nominated for Congress yesterday on the 5S)9th ballot by the Democrats of the Fourth district. Brookvii.i.e, Pa., Sept. 1.- Yesterday Samuel Craig was nominated for Congress by the Republicans of the Twenty -flrst district on the 167th ballot. Des Moixes, Ia., Sept. 1.- The Union Laborites in the Eleventh district have nominated Daniel Campbell for Congress. Chicago, Sept. 1.- Yesterday Michael Healey was nominated for Congress in the First district by the Union Labor convention. Logaxsport, Ind., Sept. 4. - The Republicans of the Tenth district have nomiuated W. H. H. Carter for Congress. E ast St. Louis, Sept. 4.- The Union Labor party of the Eighteenth Illinois Congressional district held a convention here and nomiuated Goorge Wickline, of Nashville, 111., for Congress. Ksoxvili.e, Tenn., Sept. 4- The Democratie convention for the Sccond Congressional district of Tennossee met and nominated Sam G. Heiskell for Congress. Altox, 111., Sept. 4. - Jehu Baker was renominated by acclamation by the Republican couvention of the Eigiiteenth Congressional district. MiLWAiKin', Sept. 4. - Henr.y Smith, the present Representative, was venominated for Congress by acclamation by the Union Labor party in the Fourth district. Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 4.- Returns f rom the State election yesterday show that Eagle (Dein.) is elected Governor by about 20,0)0 majority, and the Legislatura will be Democratie in both branches. Leuaxox, Pa., Sept. 4. - The Hepublican convention has nominated E. M. Wooiner for Congres. Allentowx, Pa., Sept. 4.- The Democratie üonferees of Berks and Lehigh couuties met here and nominated Prof. D. B. Brunner, of Reading, for Congress. St. Louis, Sept. 4. - Labor Day was observed here by the various labor organizations of the city in a Street parade. After the parade thei-e was a big demonstration and speaking at Concordia Park. Indanapoli3, Ind., Sept. 4.- The labor organizations of the city united in a street parade and then proceeded to the Exposition grounds, where addresses and athletic sports were the features. Baltimoue, Md., Sept. 4. - Henry Stockbridge, Jr., was nominatod for Congress by the Republicana of the Fourth Maryland district. Harrisuurg, Pa., Sept. 4 -Thomas P. Rynder, of Center County, Pa., was nominated for Congress by the Labor party of the Twenty -tifth Pennsylvania district. Coxcokd, N. H., Sept 5.- The Republican State convention nominated David H. Goodell for Governor, and adopted a platform which indorses the policy of a protectivo tariff, and the nominees of the Chicago convention. New Haven, Conn., Sept., 5.- The Democrats at the State convention nominated a full State ticket, headed by Luzon B. Morris for Goveruor. Electors-at-largo were also choseu. The platform indorses the President's tariff and flsheries messages and the Mills blil. Hastihos, Neb., Sept. 5. - In the Union Labor State cpnvention Hon. David Butler, of Pawnee County, received the nomination for Governor. A full State and Electoral ticket was nominated. J. W. Edgerton was nominatcJ for Congress in the First district;. R. H. Roher for Congress in the Second district, and I. O. Jones for Congress in the Third district. Ottumwa, la., Sept. 6.- General James B. Wcaver was renominated by acclamatlou by the Democrats of the Sixth Congressional district. Noiuoi.K, Y;k. Sopt. 5.- The Reyublicans of the Second district renominated Georgo F. Bowden for Congress. Bttblinoton, Ia., Sept. 5.- John J. Seerley was nominated for Congres by tho Democrats of the First Iowa district. Mexico, Mo., Sept. 5.- The Kepublicans of the Seventh Missouri district nominated Judge W. W. Edwards for Congress. Dsa Honras, Ia., Sept. 5.- The Stato Committeeof the Union Labor party met hore and decided to indorse the Ropublican candidates for Railroad Commissioners, their convention having made no nominations for these positions. The committee also declarad in oppositiou to fuslou with Demoerary. 1npuxai', Ind., Sept. 5.- General Harrison and wife arrived homo last evening from Middle Bass Islaud. Montiti.iek, Vt., Sept. 5- The Republican ticket, with W. P. Dillingham for Goveruor, was elected in this State yesterday by B majority of about '28,000, indicating large Republican gains. Congressmen Stewart and Grout were reelected by increaeed majoritles. The Senate will be solidl.v Repilbl eau, whilo the House shows an Lnoreased RepubUoan membershlp. Tho majority fur Guveruor in 18S4 was 2ü,5iJ.


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