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GRAND CHRISTUS RtJSS' For Choice, Useful and appropriate PRESENTS AT i r. itnnaT Don't wait till tha last moment ! Christmas Attractions Extraordinary ' Store Open Evenings ! A Harvest for the Poople! CHRISTMAS SALE OF OVKR 600 DOZEN UBEI HANDKEBI HIEFS. , For Ladies, Gentlemen and Chlldren, imported direct from the Spinner and Weaver to the cousumer. fiÖP Bargains, our Neighbors do not ehow. PLUMS BEADY TO PIOK. There is a way to make 81 go as far as $2 in Christmas Shopping. USEFUL CHRISTMAS PLUMS. 25 Doz. Ladies1 H. S. Initial Hdk'fs, at 15c each. 25 Doz Ladies1 H. S. Initial 0 Hdk'fs, at 25c each. 50 Doz. Ladies' H. S., Drawn Work, Embroidered 'White and Fancy Border Hdk'fs, at 15c each, worth 26o. 50 Doz. Ladies1 Sheer White Embroidered Hdk'fs, at 25c each, Usual Price 50c. 25 Doz. Ladies' French Embroidered Needlework Hdk'fs, in White and Lovely Designs, at 35c, 6Oc and 75o each. 100 Doz. Iiadies'and Children's Fanoy Border Hdk'fs, at 3c each, usual price 5c. 5O Doz. Ladies' Pancy Border Hdk'fs, at 5c each, or 50o per Doz. 25 Doz. La dies' "White and Pancy Border Hdk'fs, at 10c each. 25 Doz Gents' White and Fancy Border Linen Hdk'fs, at 10c and loo each, worth 25o. 25 Doz. Gents' fine H. S. and Fancy Border Linen Hdk'fs, at 25o each. worth 50c. 16 D z. Gents' French ered H. S. Hdk'fs, at 50c each, worth 75c. 15 Doz. Gents' Cashmere Mufflers, at 26o and öOo each. 25 Doz. Gents' White Silk Mufflers, at 75o and $1 eaoh. 20 Doz. Ladies' and Gents' White Silk Hdk'fs, at 25o and 50c each. JAPANESE SILK HDK'FS Por Ladies and Gentlemen, Beautiful Goods, at 25c, 50o, 75o, $1, and $1.2 . each. KEAll'II'll, WHITE UMH FOB CHRI8TM48, With Fine Needlework, Tucked and Embroidered, for Housework Receptions, Nurses and WaitingMaids. Three Grand Lots, at 25c, 50c and 7fac each. We have made a long and strong preparation for a i.invii kiitisi m s silk inmtiM.A sai.i: Wnich for Merit of Quality and Lomeas of Cost has never been excelled. 300 Good, Durable TXmbrellas, made from English Helvetia Silk, with 14-Karat Gold Top, at $1.75. Think of buying a 26 and 28nch Silb Umbrella for $1 76. 100 Fine Silk Umbrellas, choice of 15 different Gold or Silver Handles, at $2.50 each. 5O, 28 and 30-inch Alpaca Umbrellas, at $2 and $2.5O. 1OO, 26, 28 and 3O inch Gingbam Umbrellas, at 75c each. nnnillpp are what we like, 1 1 H 11 and we wil1 make UIIUVVUÜ Pric68 that will bring them. We will have just what we advertise, and it will be as represented every time. I Ulil Chrigtmas Urand Evenlnt; Sales. Special Iiivilalioii to our W orklnjtnio . and tlH'ir Fnmllies. iisïct the Morninc and iiiiili uk ;" times lo makt i brlstmas pnrchnseit. Hm avixdtiinr (lio Immense Jam of transteat Patrons. D. F. SCHAIRER.


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