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How To Put On Gloves

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A groat deal depends on the first putting on of gloves. Have the hands perfectly clean, dry and cool and never put on nev gloves while the hands are warm or damp. Wnere a person is troubled with muist hands it ia well to powder them before trying on theglovets; but in most cases, if the hands are dry and cool. this is not needed. First work on the fingers, keeping the thumb outeide of the glove, and the wrist of the glove turned back. When the fingera are in smoothly put in the thumb and work the glove on very carcfully, then placing the elbow on the knee, work on the hand. When this is done sraooth down the wrist and button the second button first, then the third, and so on to the end. Then ümooth down the whole glove and fasten the first button. Fastening the first button last when putting on a glove for the first time makes a good deal of differenco in the fit, although it rnay seern but a very littlc thing. It doos not strain the part of a glove that is the eauiest to the strain at first, and prevenís the enlarging of the button hole, either of which is sure to take place if you begin at the first button U) fristen the glove. When renioving gloves nevcr begin at the tips of the fingers to pull them oiï, but turn back the wrist and pull oif carefu'iy, which will, of course, necessitate tiic-ir being wroug side out. Turn them right side out, turn the thumb in, sinooth them lengthwise in as near as possible to the shape they would be in if on the hands, and place away with a strip of white cantón ilannel between if the gloves are light, but if dark colored thoflannelmay bo omitted. Never roll gloves into each other in a wad, for they will never look so well after. Thcre is ahvays somc molsture in them f rom the hands; consequently, when rolled up this moisturo has no chance of diying, and must work into the gloves, making them hard and stiff and of verv little use after. as far as looks or fit are


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