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Ruins Of A City In Texas

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Duving t he gurvey of the Kansas City, El Paso and Mexiean railroad, the eurveyors came across the ruins of the city of Gran Guivera, known already to the early Spanish exploréis, but seldom visited by white nien of the present day. These ruins at Gran Guivera are of gigantic stone buildings of magnificent proportions and built in a very substantial manner. One was four acres in extent. Every indiention around the ruins was evidence of the existence here at one time oí' a dense population, although now it is forty miles from water. To the soutli lies the lava flow, called by the local population the Mol pais. It is "asea of molten black glass, which has cooled, retaining its ragged and fantastically shaped waves from ten to twelve feet high. It is about forty mile long and from one to ten miles wide. For miles on all sides the country lies buried in fine white ashes, to a depth as yet not reached by any digging. No legend exists as to the. destruction or abandonment of the ruined city, but one of the engineers of the surveying party advances the theory that Gran Guivera was in existence when the terriiic volcanic eruption took place which so desolated and burned up tho surrounding country. The secrets of the early civilization of prehistorie America elude our possession; yet that such a civilization existed, we have abundant proof. The many mysterious ruins in Central America iLay yet yield 8ome informatica of the pcople who built and inhabited them, and perished, leaving no satisfactory memorial of their


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