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A Palace Made Of Salt

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The people of Salt Lake City are contemplating tbo erection of a great "salt palace." It would be a structure that would lpy in the shade aü tlio ice and corn palaoes ever constructed. The main part of the structure could be of the iuest specimens of rock salt to be found n the quarries, chiseled, carved and arstically urranged, while tho interior, ittings should be of erystallized work "rom the lake on a grand scale. Such a lalaee should bo permanent if properly jrotected iroin the winter rains; it could e made of tho most unique and striking style of architecture: it could be mado ne of the wonders of the world. Whcn ighted by electricity the structuro would ïave all the uparkle and diamond glitter of the great ice palaces, and with the lifferenco in the salt palace's favor that leat would not melt or dim its glories in he Ii


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