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Minstrel show probably some time nex montb. The Bophs, Saturday morning, aecepte( Mr. Kelly'g resignation as class president and then choee Mr. Page. The Adrián Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon came over recently and established a chapter in the literary department here. The Choral Union have decided to give a concert in F. bmary, in which will be rendered Gade's "Crusaders" and severa] part Svngs. On Saturday next at 2 p. m., the university branch of the Michigan club will meet in the law lecture room for election of officerg and to see about attending the great banquet in Detroit next montb. "Sol." Liepmannssohn, of The Register bindery, died at his home in Ann Arbor, Tuesday afternoon. "Sol." was always a favorite with the Argonaut boys, and we gladly pay this humble tribute to his memory. - Argonaut. John William Keating, publisber of the Physician and Surgeon, and a member of the senior medical class, has been ppointed medical examiuer of división No. 1, Ancient Order of Hibernians of Washtenaw, and has already made over fifty examinations. The Argonaut says: "If anything were needed to show that many of our college customs are fast dying out, the effort of '90 this week is a gure sign. When out of a class of over a hundred ODly three plugs appeared, in deferenee to as timehonored a custom as swing-'mg, it certainly 8eemg that college men in general need a bracing up." The junior hop difficulty between the Argonaut and Chronicle frats, has been patched up, and Feb. 15 is fixed for the great event, which will take place at the rink. The offioers are as follows : J. R. Kempc, general chairman; W. L. Mann, chairman reception committee; T. N. Jayne, ehairman arrangement committee; P. B. Close, chairman invitation committee. 4 Hobart Guild held a business meeting last Friday evening, followed by a social. At the business meeting therf was some plain talk from Dr. JÜarp, and then it was decided that every member who did not attend at least five buness meetings during the year, should be expelled. At the social Mrs. Warden sang, and Warden, '92, played a cello solo. There was also some dancing. A new society to be called the Philological society of the U. of M., has been recently organized among a number of the professors, and will soon get into working. The membership is to be opened to such students as are likely to be interested in the work to be pursued, and the regular monthly meetiDgs are to be thrown open to the public. Papers are promised by Prof. Walter on Dante, by Mr. McOabe on the Pnilology of the Roman Languages, by Mr. Miller on Archasology, by Prof Thomas on the English of Robert Elsmere, and several others are also in preparation. Secretary Wade has on hand a strange case. In 1882 a young man entered the dental department under the name of W. T. Hathaway. On being asked what the jnitial "W" stood for, he said that he had always been called Willie, and supposed hie name must be William. He was entered and graduated under this name. Now a letter is reoeived from him from a hamlet in Kentuky, stating that he has discovered that his name is not William, but Wilbur Thomas. But even of fhis hè does not seem to be certain, a in one place in his letter he says it is Wilbur Thomas, and in another Thomas Wilbur. But of one fact he is sure, his name is not William, and he wishes to have a diploma of graduation issued in his own name in place of the one he now has. The secretary has decided to issue the new diploma, but says thia is the first time that he ever heard of a man who really did not know his own name. The Detroit University club, 83 Fort street west, held its first annual meeting Tuesday evening. The following directorg, to take office February 1, were elected: Wm. A. Butler, Jr., Geo. S. Hosmer, Cyrus E. Lothrop, Harry F. Lyster, Sidney T. Miller, Truman H. Newberry Frederiok W. Whiting, N. G. Williams J r., and Richard Stom? Willis. The treasurer's report showed the club to be in excellent ünancial circumstances. üpon the reeornmendation of a committee coraposed of S. M. Cutcheon, H, M. Duffield W Aikman, Jr., R. Mason and C. A. Lightner, appointed to draft a plan of organization for literary and scientiBc work, the club was divided substantially into eight equal sections, as follows : 1. Phyaics, abstract and applied, industrial arts; 2, poütical economy and sociology, 3, literature; 4, art; 5, law ; 6, medicine and the sciences, not herein otherwise assigned; 7, history and geography ; 8, ethics and melaphysics. Members will be a3signed to the respective s-ectiona as nearly as posible in accordance with iheir choice. The club as a vihole will give one üterary entertainment during the month of January of each year, and each section will give an entertainment repectively on the fourth Tuesday of February, March, April, May öeptember, October, November and Ddcember. The report also includes an invitaüon to l're.-ident Angelí to address the club during the present month on some topic bearing upoo the subject of post-graduate studies.


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