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Messrs. PROCTER & GAMBLE, Cincinnati, O. Gentlemen : - Although a stranger to you, and my testimonial entirely unnecessary, as it certainly is unsnlicited, yet I take great pleasure in testifying to the excellence f your IvoRY Soap, and thanking you for putting it on the market at so low a price. It has entirely supplanted the use oí Castile and other fine soaps in my household for several years j)ast, being in no way inferior and from fifry to seventy-five per cent. more economie; '. A good test I fip.d for the purity of a soap is to try it with a 1 n sil for cleansing the teeth, and the taste oí' lie Ivory so used is perfect;y swcet and clean. Very Respectfully Yours, V. S. BAKER, r' A VV F VVARNING. There are many white soaps, eacli reprecented to be "justas good as the 'Ivory' ;" they ARE NOT, but like a!l counterfeits, lack the neculiar and qualiíies of the genuine. Ask for and insist upon t. Copyright 1&36, by Procter & (amble.


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