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The Story Of "annie Laurie."

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The farpoii3 song that is sung all singers of tho present day, 1 am informoü. is a inystery as to the author. I was raised on the next farm to James Laurie, Annie Laurle'a fatlier, and was personally acquainted with her and her father, and also with the author of tho song. Knowing these facts I have been requested ly ray friends to give the public the benent oí tuy knowledge, Inch I have consented to do. Annie Lauric was born in 1827, and was about 17 years old when the incident occurred whlch gave riseto the song bearing her name. James Laurio, Annie Lttirïe's father, was a farmer, who lived and owned a very large farm called ïraglestown, in Duinfriesshiro, Scotland. He hired a great deal of help, and among those that he employcd was a man by the name of Wallace to act as foreman, and while in his employ Jlr. Wallace feil in love w ith Annie Laurie, which fact her father soon learned and forthwith discharged him. He went to his home, which was in Maxwelton, and was taken sick the very night he reached there, and the uext morning, when Annie Laurie heardof it, she caiiie to hia bedside and aitetl on him until he died, and on his death bed he compoaed the eong entületl "Annie Laurie.


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