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Alivie" lo llcilln rt. !r-. Winlow' 8i thiDK Stnp ohould I v.ys be ned lor ch Hren tecthlDU It i ■ '.ex ohlld, '( ens the yiuns, aHavs I pain, cnre wind culi;, nnd ' the test medy tor diirrloe. Tweniy-üve c-uts i'!e N 'w Orl.uns PiiMvu .,: The sum is VHiy grand, hur the m-on takes the shine r in lt whTi ah" c 'me i ut. Dr. SaeV Catarrh Renu y cures whei Vi ry oil.e' ■ ■ ■ l'wi r.n'eJv ' ils. Pr ïvidenee : R v. H-ber 5Te v■n shvs ihat the wi rli) ir-t-ds h ne i).elogv. Wt 11. the novi l-wriieis ie iry u y in fu'ni-rii".r it VUL xwfe Blood Elixir is warranted, is beiute it is the best blood Preparation known. It will positively cure all Blood Diseaspg, purifies tho whole system, and thorougbly Hi lds np t! ■ constitution. Bemember, w euarantee i' . John N'iiohk Ijruggmt Oil Ci'y Bl;ztai.i: ' 1 1 e uiore huny the 1-ss sieed," or, in !thr worcis, the ■nore hurry the rtt-t-per the newjai rnmn inadv'-ntently .ncks liis pwf Irush into ihe iiik"!'"1. Th Populiiiou of Aun Arbor, is nb"t 12,000. and we wnnM siy tlmt a' 1. ast o e hhlf are trcuble') witli pome pffectioa ■f the Tliroftt an Lunas, hk thfse c mnlnin'k are, acccriii g t lati-ttcn, niore numerou" 'han others. We o"Id ndvia II (mr reader m; tii neglect the 'piKiftnnity to oll on :h"ir (iñiguista Bnd yet a "Otfle of K-inu's B'Ik m for the Tliroat anl Li ii es. Tri 1 .-ze free L'i'ge BotU 50c and $1. S 1 bv nll ilrui-Risls. A (uva ly of 6ve in D koiamhsis'ed fo hree wei-ka Om five piii ds of puk and "uhi 1 of Cirrot-', anri ihfre is n of aiy young tryii g to beat thl record. ■Mlinl A ni I Tu líot Tne fymptiiiiis ol B In usneps re rriippily rut too wt-il known. Th-y d:ffer in different indivdu; Is to som extent. A iilious innn is st-!'(om a brrakfns'. ea er. Too frt-quen'lv, ala-, he has an excellent ppetite for 1 quors, bu' none for folids, oí a moroÏDg His toiiüut1 will haroly tiesr ■ H-p-tioii ai auy ütru-; if it in nm white lid furred, it is rough, at 1! evetits. The liitesüve sv-t m is wlolly out of onier ad D iirrhea nr Coiistipaiwn maj "e asyrunlom, or ihe 'omav alten a'e. Phere re f en ííem irrboida or even 1 8t ■t 11 iod. Tm-re mxy b gidditwps nd ilton te-d;iCie nnd acidity or fla'uletice fd tendeíne s in ihn pit of the stmnch. To correct a'l thiK, if not effect a cure, iry Gr-en' Auginc Pluwer; it cos s bui c i lila and tb' BVareta ".-i it" IHcc. I is estimuedihat h-re are 27 000 000 il'iijs in America, and ttat eiuh one co-uj t lea-ts $2 per yar. Think of the soip rhat mori--v w nkl bi ! S7JACOBS pil TRADE fMT MARKI REMe;dyAIN For.Bruises and Burns. Fresh, Strong, Convincing Facts. Best lït'sults. EastProrldnc, R. X., Jnne'88 Wlille ia tüe employ of thf Baritow Store Co applied yonr St. Jacooi OU to many bad barns of the moulderi, and alwaya with bent results. OEO. W. HOBTON Ladder Feil. Salmton, Tezai, .Tune 23, 158B Teil irom ladder; brulsed and praiond my foo and wrlst: lulered ín dayi; wat cured by g Jacobi Oll! JOSHDA WïlEia. Knee-Cap Hnrt, Hall, Ind., Aag. 10, 1S88 Knee-cap wa hnrt and I iuffered 3 montll; i bottlei of St. Jacobs OU pormanentljr reato, ed ra C. C. UcjlOltaiü Disloctttlon. Jollet. Dl.. Majr 24. 18SS Dulocated hoolder 3 year aga; coained 1 wki to howe: th. pain wa corM by ' Jta Oil and have had no return of lt. J. D. BBOW Borse-ktck Ozark. O., Jono28, 1S88. Itlíred 4 wert. from tb. Rica of -- J.4 na. can.; two bottluSt. Jacb. 0UFca AT DRUGOIST9 AND I)EAl,lïR-. THE CHARLES A V0GELER CO.. Balti.nora. Md. Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Borry Plauts, Fruit and Ornament il Trees, Pnara and Grapevines a Specíalty. tyrupa and Home-Made 'Winoa. Synip of Rapberry ; Btrtlett Cpr Syrup, Bone sett. Ddndell'n n1 Kaspbürry Wiutsand Shruhi for Liver and Kulny tronhle; Hvvt-et Red Codeord and Mriha White Wl.ies, esi.wlally nrpared for Invaiid.s. oni'T Tret'sftnd 1' antoearly. as we get most of (hem Irum the bcit Nuraerles eaít. E. RAI'R. H vt Umi. Ml S i jajá a FAniPII Wc wlál' & fow T, ï L to 9'u uur ! „L:LLyifBLIiro the wboSii- ile Bil reiall trade. V earethelarprest I 'L' 'm;. i.,iici'! ::crslnourline. Knclose two:eiji- srun;v A permanent WAGES ÍNuattentlon ali t" a. - - .. ..d. MuneyadvanredKQ fl fl f-; wimw, ■dvertlslDK, rtc.Byiy t Ccconn-.l (Vlanufacturino; Co., T,_n rs ; Cincinnali Oriio. Smtmm DETECTIVES Wnntfil neverycounty. Shrewdmen tonrt undet nutriuiiui. In oar secrat enrice, hxperiruce uot ua amar) . '1 he International Detective, the official pperoftheBurn,)DtlnexcllkiioferunIñatewanted, umi fur rhoe capturo larne renard ure ütfr.'il. - 1 :'( . Htanipfor particulurs. AdüreriM, Grannan Detective BureauCo.44Arcade,Cincinnatl,0. I V SAL ÍMCtle.(Hv. it itrwnCtovk. HÍUiJ i HuíLjÁjUf LMZUKVU?. íííttí W )Mj, Uuil . $UánwSUíéÁiLu1% 4k li trtJidu4 Ll Ukund, tü ni tatú .wUftitvl liZ ihoUtxt.


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