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BACH & ABEL. We open the New Year with a great Reduction Sale. We present to the trade the following bargains in Blankets : - 10-4 White Star Blankets, at $3.00 per pair; former price$4.oo. 1 1-4 White Star Blankets, at $4.00 ; former price $5.00. 10-4 All Wool Medicated Scarlet Blankets, at $3.00 ; former price $4.00. 10-4 Grey Mixed Wool Blankets, $1.60 ; former price, $2.00 and $2.25. $8.00 and $9.00 Blankets reduced to $6.00 to close what we haTe on hand. Comfortables at greatly reduced prices. $2.00 and $2.25 Comfortables, $1.60 to close the lot. $i.75Comfortables at $1.25. SCARLET TJNDERWEAR. One Lot Gents' All Wool Shirts and Drawers, at 80c each ; former price $1.00. This will be the cheapest lot of the kind this season, as they are made from fine wool and very heavy. All other qualities in Ladies' and Gents' Underwear, White, Scarlet and Grey, at very low prices on account of the mild weather. Anything in that line can be bought at prices that must be satisfactorv to the purchaser as they are not to us. FLANNEL SKIRTS. One lot of Flannel Skirt Patterns, 4i inches long and,2 yards wide,for $1.15 each ; former price $1.50. This is extra good value for the money. One lot, same size as above, at $1.50 each ; former price $2.00. No need of feeling cold when good goods are sold at such low prices. CLOAKS. This is the season when prices on Gloaks are cut, carved and slashed, and that is what we are doing in th6 line. Ladies' and Misses' Newmarkets cut i and from former prices. Ladies' Brown Tailor-made Garments at $5.00 ; former price $10.00. Ladies' Fancy Striped Kersey Beaver Garments at $7.00 ; former price, $10.00 and $12.00. Wraps, Jackets and all other styles cut to lower prices than any previus record. SHAWLS. Fine Camel's .Hair and Fur Beaver Shawls at $S.oo and $9.00, reduced since the Holidays from $12.00 and $14.00. Reversible Velvet Shawls reduced from $6.00, $S.oo and $9.00 to $4.50, $5.50 and $6.00. This department aflbrds very decided bargains to any one in want of the goods, and are good paying investmeuts if you don't use them for a year. They will notbe as cheap again very soon. To close with, we offer bargains in every department to reduce stock before taktng Inventory. BACH & ABEL. Ï6 Main St., Cor. Washington. OW SEBI AKSl'AL DIOTT f ALE TO MAKB ROOM FOR Spring Goods We have put our discount Sale uniform at a L g t J B I Sof I tq o ö f L? 1 S S I # l 8 s N I SI I I i We will give you extra bargains. Remember we guaractee our Goods to give the best of satiefttction. We carry Goods only from the best Manufacturera. Don't forget, as it will only last a few weeks and starts January 2ö SAMUEL KRAUSJE, 48 South Main-st., Ann Aroor. If you have anything to sell, or to rent; if you have lost any valuabh thing ; if you havefound any valuabh (hing ; if you want rooms, board, work, or anything under ih, sun, advertise il in the " Want' column of The Registkr. 100 new pinturea at Randalïs. Regular prices $1.00 each. Price for January 50c,


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