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Reinecke Child Song Concert

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Miss Carlotta Bullis and Miss Qertrude Sanderland planned and managed for tl e entertainment of Unity club, MDnday evening, and they did their work well. The parlors of the Uaitarian churoh were crowded too much tor these times of inflamed and gensitive arm=, but in spite of vaccinaüon the audienee was in good humor. The program consisted of 22 numbers all from Reineoke's child song, - a co'lection of exceedingly simple sones, soine of whicb are comical and some tender and touching. The program was as followsPART I. Sir Spring's Coucett Ml Carrie Ball. F MiasKateJacoi s. The Field Daisy Miss Lilile Volhind. The Blue-bell and the Flowers, MissLizzieSeymour, Blue bell. Miss rarie Ball, Wild Rose. Miss Kate Jacobs. Red Rose. ' iss Lüiie Volland, White Daisy. The Barley-Brownie Wr. W:atls. Mr. Huene. Mr. Dodsley. The Child and the Cuckoo, Miss LU, ie Volland. The Fairy Miss Sarah Armstronir. Come imo'the Garden, Miss Donna Pinckney. Biircarole, Miss Lillie Volland. The Broom ana me ium Miss Uertrude Sunderland. Mr Dudsley. Mother's Eyes Miss Lucy Cole. Birdie's Biirial Florence Sunderiand. Gertrude Vuughn. Katie Saunders. Anuie Laugiey. PART II. The EveningSiar Miss Gertrude Sunderland. l'eace of Night MisLupy Cole. Miss Lizzie Peymour. The Nightiugale Miss Elwe Whitman. SpimiiiuïSong Miss.LucyC'..]e. How it Looks iu the Mili Watts. Mr. Rice. Dancing Song Miss Dona Pinckney. The Toyman of Nüremburg Mr. Herr. Doll's Cradle Song Florence Sunderland. The Bird Catcher, Mr. Dodsley. Mr. Herr. Mother's Birthday Miss Tarrie Ball. Miss Gertrude Sunderland. Good Kine Arthnr Mr. Dodelev. (Withëhadow Pantomime arranged by Míes L. Seymour.) All the songs were eung with appropriate costume and action. The stage was well-liehted, the audience room was kept in darkness, and the curtaia was drawn on each number, tbus often making a charmhig effect with liglit, color, and fair faces RDd forms. Among the comical songs, the 'Barlev-Brownie" and "How it Looks in the Mili" were especially appreciated; and of the sentimental songs the "Spinning Song" was peculiarly a succes, I in spite of the obstinacy oL the rickety I wheel. The program was carried out I with the exception of " The Fairy " by I Miss Armstrong, whose place waa supI plied by Fiorence Sundtrland. Between I the two part?, Miss Mrian Srcith, organI ist for the Uniterian church, perforraed on I the pipe organ. The gross receipts of the I evening were $22.


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