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Don' I ct ihat cold of ycurs run en Ton think t is a lignt thin tr. But ít may ruti into oatanh. Ür mtj pneumonía, ür consumption. Catarrh is disgusting. Pneumonía is dangerous. Consumption is dent.h itself. The breathing apparatus must be kept lealtby and clear of 11 obstruetiona nod offent-ive matter. O herwiae there is trouble aheari. All the of theso parts, hend, no&e, tbroat, broochial tube and lungs, can Ie deliiht,fu!ly and entirely cured by the use of Boschee's Gerrnan Syrup. IL you don't know th s already, thou.-ar;ds and thousands of pt-oplrf ora teil you. They have ben cured by it, and "know low it is, t eniielveV' Bottle on!y 75 cents. Ak any druggist, If suddenly submerged tlie stiffest hat at once become? duoked-tile. Usually plav belore a light hou. e - The Nepune Tioupe. "T-C rv "O11!1! cDjoy your dinner 3 ''L' and are prevented by Dyspepsia, use Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. Thejr are a positive cure for Dyspepsia, Indigestión, Flatulency and Constipation, We guarantee them. 25 and 50 cents. John Moork. Druggist. Djn't cry, but sre in tiers - B x eccup ants at ihe nptra. Atlvlce to Hoiiiirs. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ehould always be use i for children teething. It soothes the cuild, softens the guins, allays all pain, cuies wind eolia, and is the best remedy tor diarrheea. TVenty-five cents bottle. Where there will be slaying this winter - In Hayti. Tbe Mother's Frlcnd. Not only shortene labor aud leísenspain but grettly dimia'ghM the danger to life O both muiher and child if used afcw ïnooths before confinement. Write to The Bradfu-H Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga. Sold by bit arugisi. Piso's Remedy fob Catarrh I I gives imrnediate relief. Catarrhal I I virus is soon expelled iïom the sysI I tem, and the diseased action of the I I mucous membrane is replaced by I I healthy secretions. Tbe dose is small. One package I I contains a sufficieut quautlty for a I I long treatmeut. A Cold in the Head is relieved by I I an application of Piso's remedy for I I Catarrh. Tbe comfort to be got I I from it in this way is worth many I I times its cost. Easy and pleasant to use. Price, 50 cents, Sold by druggista I I or sent by muil. E. T. Hazeltine, Warren, Pa. I


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