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News Abont Toan. It ia a curreot repon aooul town tbat Kemp's Balaam for the Throat and Lunga is tnaking some remarkable cures with ppople who are tronbled with coughs, Sore Throat, Asthoia, Bronchitis and conumption. Any drugaist will give you a trial hoitle free of cost. It is guaranteed 'o relieve and cure. The large bottles 50c and $1. To see nine is exirezrely unlucky. ''Behold ! the world resta and her lired inhabiants have paused frorn trouble and tunnoil, becaute the customary headacne and neuralgia have been cured by Sulvation Oil. Price 25 cents a bottle. In France a seveuth son iu direct succes8ÍOQ M called a marcou. Vont Oive l'i becnuse you feel blue and Bre troubled with that tired and all gone feeling. Du as I did, use a bottle of Sulphur Bitters; it will make you leel like a new person ; it. did me. Jennik Holmes, 354 Tremont st, Boston. Virgil tells us in the eighth eclogue that the god esieemed odd numbers. The spooks and rodIIds thai deiight To ml with terror all the night; Thai stalk abroad in bideous dre-ims With which dyspepsia's fancy teems, Will never trouble with their ills, The man who trusts in Pierce's Pilis. Dr. Pierce's Plensaut Purgative Pellets : - vegetable, harmless, painles, surt! Tbe seven day-i ol the creation led to a septenary división of time to all ages. A Faet. Among the few popular remedies that have suc cessfully withttood the test of a discriminating p .blic, e8ptcially sensitive in mattere of such vital importance as those which concern their daily health, Pomeroy's Piasters rank preeminent. For over flve years this well-known remedy, endorsed with the approval of the medical professon has been in general use amongst the people, witü steady increasing favor, lts name is indeed becoming a household word. Beware of couuterftit. Insist on having the geuuine article. Kor Sale py H. J. B.-own, Dist. Agt. for Ann Arbor. There weresevn wise men ia antiquity and seven wonders in the world. Eczema, Itcby, Scaly, Sfaln Tortures. The simple application oL "Swayne"s OintmeNT," whilhout any interna! medicine, will cure any case of Tetter, 8U Rheum, Ringworm, Piles, Pimples, Eczema all Scaly, Itchy Skin Eruption, no matter how obstinate or long standing. It is potent, effective, ond costs but a trifle. Ia the Firoe Islands there is cuperstition that seals ca-t off their skins every ninth monthand assume the human s'.iape. Tate Springs, Tenn., Jnl; 88. The Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, ' n. During the spring of 1871, whl werking In the field at my home in Moro.,; county, Ga., I pulled off my shoes to give 1 iy fcet a rest. Unfortunately, I wllked üito a clntnp of poison oak, and in a few d.-vs my (eet were in a terrible condition, and 1 could not put on a shoe because of the soreness and swelling. I was treated as poison oak cases usuallyare, and everything was healed up. About the same time the following spring, 1872, my feet became sore again, as at rirst, and every succeeding spring for five years brought back the same condition of the disease, only each time it became more distressing, because I began to think it was a lffetime trouble. Finally, I was induced to try Swift's Specific. I took six bottles, and to-day am entirely well. My improvement was gradual from the first, and no evidence of the disease remains. I shall take pleasure in testifying as to its curative r-roperties. It is the greatest blood purifier in existence. Yours truly, J. L. Morgan. The foregoing certifícate is taken at random f rom thousands of letters in possession of the Swift SpecificCo., and presented simply as a sample. It is a voluntar statement, giving facts and results of the case. lts accuracy and genuincness are bevond question. A valuable Treatise on Elood and Skin Diseases mailed free. Address THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Driwcr 3 Atlanta, Ga. Prosperity awain all men, and even purgues some, bilt it is never found in the haunts of vicc KI I THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ TRUTHSfORTHE8CK Hl "Vor tlmse deathlyl l,0OO will le paii II lllmiiousSDellsclcpenfl foracasewherci-i i,- I Hit will curo yo. &L$$L S Q Da ymi biiller wuii ______ - JJ ■nthattiredandallgoni' cloansethc vitiateum Illtcelinc; if 6o, use 1,100a when you aec III IIIsdlphub BittEBS; ts impurltles burst-lll Iliit willcureyou. inir through the skinlll III _------" in rimplcs.BlotcheeJll II Operativos who are d Rely OnU Qthe milis and SdSSfll Ui tol jjj III not procure sufliclcnt _' III Illexcrcise, and all who gt i.rni!K IíjttersIII illarecnnünedlndoors, wiu (.ure LlverCom-lll lllshoiild use Si mum ,,iant. Dnn't be dlslll IHbitters. TheywIH èouragcdjitwUlcureUl SSnotthcnbcwettkaud rou. Q ISCLI-HUR " lie'llt"yII III it never fails to euro. si:ijiii;k HrrTKKSl "Ladies in deii- 'ï'-y buimra uit 1 1 llhealth, who are al! BS to-tíght, andl llrnnlown,.'h(H,llliiM' y,m wi 1 6 eep wellBI lanr.i-iii-it lirrrKits. iil f-('l bettor fcrlt.UI I)o vou want the bct Medical Work published? Bend S 2-ocnt stan.p t.) A. I'. Ordway & toH Boston, Sau., and recave a copy. free. ■■&■ ífwP J J


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