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Real Estate Transfers

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George J. Howard (by heirs) to Geo. Bell, Webster J5CO fTaniet Mason (iU, to E. P. Mason, et. al. Joseph Pray to Chas. A. lJiay. Norüifleld... 100 Wm. Johnson to Wm. T. Johuson, Manchester 2,000 Sïflry A. Bumpus to C. and H. M. Eaton, Ypsilauti 100 Caroline M. Lamson to Eliza Ilunt, aiani hesier 500 Peter W. Brass to E. S. Davis, Dexter 600 Walter Kannuse to James E. Hogers, York 4,500 James E Kogers to James L. Babcock, tt. al., York 3,900 Raleal Kappto L. Z. Foerster. Ypsi 625 Chas. O Brush to Ld. Uaug, Ann Arbor... 1500 Tisdale I. Vanatta to A. Auhlson. Salem.. 125 Jno Devine (by adm ) to Johu Smith, Webster. 1,840 Mary Devine to Doan and Van Sickle, Webster 1 John Smiüi to Doan and Vansickle, Webster 2,000 John Wiebling to Caroline Wlebling, Freedom 1,000 John P. Barlow to John P. al., Ypsilanti 7,000 Frank W. Rice to MaryGarton, Ypi 1 600 John Ukele (y guardián) to F. J. Feldkamp. Haline 700 JohnTripp (by i-heriff) to Michael Brenner, Manchester 310 James H. Wllson (by iheriff) to Anule M. Van Cleve, Yps! 438 Margaret Keainey to Howard L. Collins, Lyiii.on nd Dexter 1 500 Jacob F. Weissiuner to Frank E. Jones, Saline „ 700