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Jail Work Of W. C. T. U.

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To the Editor of The Register: Sir: - The department known as "Jai Work," of the Ann Arbor Woman's Chris tian Teinperance Union, is under the su pervision of II. rs. Marsaret Bailey. Thoug] an elderly lady, Mrs. Bailey 8 very earn est and faithful in her work. She visit the jail weekly, during the greater part o the year, for the purpose of talking wit] the prisoners, and of distributing amoni tliem good reading material. In her report given at the annual meet ing of the W. C. T. U. she stated, amor. other tbinrs, that during six months o the year 1888, one hundred and twenty two men, mostly young men, hai been sent to our jail for drunkenness. These had been sent for periods of from five to thirty days. Le ui suppose that (he average time for which these men were sent was ten days. There would be 1,222 days of idleness. Let us suppose, also, that these men had spen ten days in drinkicg before they feil into the strong arm1! of the law, for we have law in Ann Arbor, and it is enforced; theu we linii there are 2.444 days of idleness. Liaving out 244 days for Sabbaths nd we have left 2,000 days for work. At $1.00 per day, they might have earned $2 000. We can but think of the many blessings which $2,000 would have brought to the families of those men, or how much good it might have done could it have been placed at the liisposal of the Woman's Cbaritable union, to be distnbuted among the unfortunate of our city. Verily, the drink business is one of great waste. Our postmaster general, Mr. Wanamaker, in a remperance speech recently said: ''The man who will not sign a temperance pledge, though he does not need it himeelf, to help a weaker brother, ia not so much of a man as he thinks himsejf to be. The man who takes only a litile and will not give it up, is as much controlled by it as if he was an habitual drunkard." If these statements of Mr. Wannamaker be true, how many in Ann Arbor are as responsible for the 2,000 days of idleness and their attendant evils as the men who received their jus,t desertg by being sent


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