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John M. Ward, the great ibort-rtop for the New York league team, is out with a revised edition of his book, and it sells for 25 cer,K It is an .interestirg nd useful woik. No one bat a player eonld bave writ'en the book, and it shows how greal a plyer Mr. Ward really is. His many contribu tions to magi.zines and periodicals have tevealed him as a íhoughtful and inleresting wriler; but it (U left for expoiition of the materies of the game to make cUar to the public his wocdetful maatery of intricate deUil. The Pansy for April brighten our ta1,1e with its pretty cover. Tho content are even more interet-ting than usual. Pansy (who is undoubtedly the most pop ularwriter to-day of the best tlass of Sundav-school literature) edits the magaïine nd several of the stories this month are from her pen. $100 a year. D. Lothrop & Company, Boston, will send a sample (back) numberat half pnce. Messrs. Cissell & Comp&ny WH Pblishatonce a new editioc M Willism Robertson's " L'fe and Timen of the Rt. Hon. John Bright," which has been brought down to date by a w. l'-known American writer. The adding of the last linea to these chapters has been beid back to await the dcath, which has been tor so long antic pated. Mr. Robertson had especial advantages tor wri'inB; this life of the great reformer and stateBtnan, and it ieadi with all the absorbing inttrest that ttaches to the well-writien biogrsphy of a great man


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