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A wave motor, for utilizins the forcé of the ticlo, U in semi-suecessful opcrntion at Point Lobos, Cal. Spindk-s in tho town of Oldham, England, have grovvn in tho last ten years from 7,500,000 to more than 11,000,000. Pulp milis havo so multiplierl in Mainel hal there is íear of au over supply unless now milis are put up to turu the pulp iuto paper. The process of eloctric bleaohing now usod in the big paper plants is trom 40 to T0 per cent. cheaper than the use of chloride of lime. Thirty yean ao there wero ueor one hundred lightning rod factories in the United States. Now there are but four, yet they turn out as many rods as carne from their so numerous predocessors. Ar kansas' state geologist roports the coal of that state to be worth, at $1.50 per ton, thesumof $2,957,800,000. Ho says further that the state coutaiiis more sorts of coal than any other in the Union. Steel, which is rapidly taking tlie plai-e of iron, is likely to be even more vridely used now that it is known that tho addition of manganeso in considerable quantities gives great hardness and strength without loss of malleability. The experimental coke ovens now being built at Uansfield, Pa., will have f alse bottoms, workwl by hydraulic pressuro. It is claüned that these will greatly reduce thu labor cost of coke, as a man can draw twentyüve of them a day. Four is the limit of tho old patteru. A steel paving block, said to be more durable and Iets costly than stone, is composed of corrugated strips 2) by 1 inch, and weiguing 11 pounds to tha yard. It is to bo laid upou a bod of gravel flve inches from center to center, and thospace fllled in with :i oorapound of pitch and cement.


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