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James Means & Co.

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JAMES MEANS' $3 & $4 SHOES . " Conipetition is the L,ife of Trade," and If you havo not aeen our latest improved gooda yon cannot Imagine how lively trade is, or how hard our coinpetitors have to work to keep withln slght oL us. Ask your retaller f or the James Means' f3 Shoo, or the James Meaos' $4 Shoe aecording toyour neoda. Positively none geuulne unless havius our name and prlce stampod plainly onthe soles. Your retaller will supply you wlth shoes so stampedif you insiat upon hls dolng so ; 11 you do not lnsLt, some retallers will coax you into buying Inferior shocs upon whieh they make a larger proflt. .r-í JAMES MEANS" JAMES ME ARS' f tern p6 ■!lLr"$3 SHOE $4 SHOE ll WP rmSTfLEuNE0 IM CANN0T FAILr Vi È jn DURABILITY c nTI S Wfy W m ÊlrSAA, hCpERFECTlOM the MOST J&jfa" Mssi Such has been the recent progress in iur branch of lndustry that we are now able to afflrm that the James Means' Sí Shoe is in every respect equal to the shoes which only a few years ago were retaflad ateight or ten dollars. If yon will try on a pair you will be convinced that we do not exaggerate. Onrs are the original $3 and $4 Shoes, and those who imítate our systcm of business are unable to competa with us ín quality of faotory products. Iu our Unes we are the largest manufacturera in the l'nlted States. SIioch from our cclebrated factory aro BOld by wide-awake retallers In all parla of the country. We will place them easily within your reach Ín any State or Tcrritory lf ycu wül ínvest one cent in a postal card and writ to us. C 41 Lincoln St .. Boston, Mass. FÜLIj LINES OF THE ABOVE 8HOES FOR SALE BT L. GRÜNER, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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