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Mr. Moody's Plan

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Chicago, April 5.- The Chrtstian convention which opened at the Chicago Avenue Church Thursday morning has lor lts object nothing less than a new departure in church work. Nothing similar has ever been attempted in this country, and if the hopes of its projector, Eev. Dwight L. Moody, are realized, the convention will prove one of the most helpful inovements ever organized in the church. The aim as set f orth by Mr. Moody is to make the meetings which will be held during the next two months approximate as nearly as possible to a training school for Christian workers. Every morning will be devoted to a purely educational session for the purpose of instructing laynien how to reach and teach the mxsses. and thus be a sort of connecting link between them and the regular clergy. The eocial visits and mission work to which the afternoons and evenings will be given will be an attempt to carry into practice the instructions imparted at the morning seseiona The convention is essentially an experiment, but Mr. Moody and his colleagnes are enthusiastio over the venture and thjnk that present indications preeage a rich reward for theix labors.


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