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The Smokers Of Corea

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Tobacco is used universallv in Corea. The child learns to snioko in lighting his elder's pipo, and ho ncvor forsakea its sootliing influence. The weed ia never chewed, but is smoked in long stemmed pipes with brasa bowls of generous caliber. An oñicial of somg rank uses a pipe with a stem bo long that ho caunot light it if he would, exccpt by touclüng it to a coal at eome distance. When several of these dignitaries asBcmble in a room for a smoko and rest - their pipe bowls in a conimon tray at ono side of tho room - tliere is h'ttlo spaco left for promenading. Fractions of timo aro reckoned by the pipe, full of tobáceo, meaning the aruount of timo ordinarily consunied in liisurely smoking a pipe of tobáceo, which is equal to alout ten minutes. As is seen in tho f ollowing sentenco, ''I went to your house to see you; you wero not in. I smoked ono pipo of tobáceo, and you not having arrived, I left."- H. N. Allen, M. D., in San Francisco Chronicle.


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