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Many of our readers have often asked "What is Bright'a Disease of the Kidneys, about which we hear so much? " To answer their question we have 86cured the following explanatory article, written by a competent authority : One of the worst physical seourges of the world today- notably in England, Germany, America and Australia- is Kidney disease. An alarmingly large proportion of the population of the countries named is afflicted with it, in one form or another. The symptoms of Bright's Disease (which is but an advanced form of Kidney Disease) differ in different individuals, but generally the patiënt presents a flabby, bloodless look, is drowsy and easily fatigued, has pain in the back, vomiting and febrile disturbance. Dropsy, varying in degree from slight puffiness of the face to an accumulation of the fluid suilicient to distend the whole body and to occasion serious embarrassment to respiration, is a very comnion accompaniment. The urine ís reduced in quantity, is often of dark, smoky or bloody color, and exhibits to chemical reaction the presence of a large amount of albumen, while ander the microscope blood corpascles and casta are found. Very often dimness of vison, due to a morbid condition of the retina of the eye, and also hypertrophy of the heart. leading to fatal apoplexy are accompaniments of the disease. There are eeveral forms of the malady, but their common prominent characteristjc is the presence of albumen in the urine, and frequently also the co-existence of dropsy. These associated symptoms, in connection with Kidney Disease were first described in 1827 by Dr. Richard Bright, an English physician, who first investigated them. Sometimes there is a degeneration of the tissues of the kidney into íát, thus impairing the excreting powers of the organ bo that the urea is not sufficiently separated from the blood. The flow of the blood, when charged with thisurea, is retarded throught the minute vessels, congestión ensues, and exudation of albumen and fibrin is the result. The disease is often accompanied by eruptions on the skin, as boils, etc, and is frequently associated with enlargement of the heart. The causes of this terrible malady are, indulgence in too much ice-water as a beverage, strong drink, high living, indigestión, exposure to wet and cold, various kinds of fevers, malaria, pregnancy, and other bodily derangements, such as a compiication of certain acute diseases, like erysipelas, diphtheria, and especially scarlet fever (of which it is one of the most frequent and serious after effects), diseases of bones and other scrofulous affections. The kidneys being the most important excretory organs of the body, their derangement may speedily destroy Hfe. Common-sense tr'eatment of Kidney Disease of the character referred to necessarily involves removal of the causes, rectification of other secretions and increase in the number of bloodred corpuscles, by the administration of Warner's Safe Cure. It is a speciíc even in the advanced stages, when the blood has poisoned the nerve centres, restoring the secretion of healthy fluids and relieving the congestión of the brain. It speedily arrests the inflammatory action, whioh is marked by an increased amount of urine. The albumen gradually disappears, the dropsy subsides and the patiënt recovers. There is no standstill in advanced Kidney Disease; those who are afflicted , with it are either constantly growing better or worse. How important, therefore, that thia terrible disease be taken in hand in time and treated with a known specific.


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