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If any deale r saya he ïias tne W. I,. Douglaa Bhoefl without uauití amt prico stampod on the bottom, put hini duna aë a frauu. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE CENTLEMEN. Best In the worlcl. Examine hl s.-,.im GENUINK HMND-8EWID SHOK. 84.OO HANO-8EWED WELT SHOK. S3.5O POT.tCK AM) FARMKKS' SHOE. SJ.EO EXTRA VALUÉ ('ALP SHOK. 't. '45 WOKKINOIWAN'S SHOE. S2.0O aml tl.?i I5OYS' SCHOOL SHOE8 All made la Congress, Buttua and Lace. W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE LADEES. Best Material. Best Style. Best Fitting. [f not BOld by yoar dealer, write W. l. DOUGIAS. BBOCKTON. MASS. Examine W. Ij. lnuiclni SS. 00 Nboe for gentlemen anil IndieH. WM. REINHARDT L CO., 43 H. SIAISr STKF.r.r, Ann Arbor. lew Advertisements TO ADVERTISERS A list of 1000 newspapere divlded into STATES a!d 8ECTI0NS will be sent on applicatlon- FKEE. To thoee who want thelr advert'sing to pay. we can offer nobetter medium for thorcmuh and efective work than the v&rioug sectiona of our Select 1.. -iil i.Ini. EO. F. KIIHKII. .1 CO., Newspaper Adverti-ins; Bureau, 10 Spruce Street, New York. WANTED ! Special-News OKKKSIO lEVrs to represent leailing English and American papers. Previou experience not absolutely necceseary. Most liberal erms for good service. Addres, with stamp, European-American Press Association, No. 7 Upton St., Bostok, Mass., ü. 8. A. f F F r. f Heautiful 1,'lnnimon l I IV Vine Bulb oivkn away r P I l with every order. For II II 1, particulare see our Seed w fc- Lp l' Vl Annual; over 2óo iUustrations, sent free. S M. I3BELL & CO., 125, 127 and 129 W. Pearl Street, Jackson Mich. QALESMEN WANTETj J l'cnuHiirnt NltaatlonH guaranteed --' inlnry and l'.i ix'iin h il. 8pecial indueements to beüinners. Any man e" suoceed with our HdvantaKcs and quick scIIÍiií; specialties. liiilll t're. Write Ht ne utre. I.......T Nnm ri'n, (estabMshed IC3Í) Kochbster. N. Y. (Name this psper.) bJI66L McLfili TIUN the h(t in the MaMMMMMMHHMm Vl 11. .lAAHlU'tS 1111 -._--._-,_ -m. Kirm and nre pnnf. KhHINGLeS "y Atti-tic i n many parts of the ■nuntrv. onmnetK siiccefs ully with wood shingles. Illubtrattii catalogue anti price free. Ifo National Skt M] Roafirg Co., aio r.nxt aoth Nt.. v- York city. miï 3LbÍ i P i rju 7SMIS1IBM mgn irl South Ani-[: erica. &end naiT;e: ,3 and aiirJrcsa vlth! " 2-cent stamp for ii.'ii; tfjt B particuiars :o WStö ' JAWES BROWN, ï g g I C ■ p.p. iL6 Cleygjgnd . o{ DETECTIVES Wantod in eyeryconnty. Shrewdmon tonct unrtcr Inítructioos in our neemt aorvire. Kxpeneuoe not uecetwary. Ttie International Detective, the officia! Pttporof thelinreau.cou tai ns exact likeneflflea of criminal wanted, and for whuae capture largo rewarda areofTered. tiend 2c. stamp for particular. Addríws, raiman Detastiva BureauCo "CHIOüGO TRUSS?" tNewSyvfral Spring Trusi , Hard Ruhber Pad ; Clean, í-Latf Durable. Oheap. Approved S oy the bigbest Medical Au.hority. Worn day and ntght ny au Infant a week old or an Arlnlt 80 years. Easüy adjuxted. It meets all fbrm oScrotal Ferruoral.Inmiinal and Umbilical Hernia, in hoth Infants and Adnlts. Satisfaction guaranteed in a ' nbtained. If your druggist not keep this Tiuss, enclose stamps aud arlilrofs. C'IIU'ACiO TKISS 'O., hi.-ii(fo, 111. OFFICE AND FITTING ROOM, 132 E. Randolph St . T. Y. KAYNE, Manager. Sold by Ann Arbor UruggiMs. CHlLD5fsH"aEBNoV BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. ATLANTAgj SOLO ar ALL DRUGSISTS. ■" ,Y NEW 8TRIPED ROSE. ,ÍJJ I TUS OBEATK8T NOVK1.TY Kil - 1M UAHDÏ koES EVERWJ II "''% ROSBPHEB. W KSIfIowwi Urr and frarrnt; color oft, witiny pink, WXl WlúUncily ilrijMsd, auti dn-hrl witti whit ttiui ai-n.KJ ifl re Uoouwr; not mi old tlower tn nrw nfim, hutkBM !llrcnun4 norelt;. Prlc, $1.00. prepnid, uid eacb ['Uífi HIVICK'S FLORAL GLMDEÏi. Kll-r IWH, lh Pionr ÍWd CaUlot-ue of A&Mffcftl nowffii ríviwd nd M!mrrd; nw thftp ; nw lyp .Pl liVii-Cnt rover : ft frrntiplt. itnt S Colore! ImU"'Lí1 rvf-odUim mi (JlujtrnÜon n1 dfwriptimt oí erry ?"PurBl ljtl!Uit, flower, and v-Ftnbli-. und Hí-m of mm. 0I ■tf- '■! OlT-r. S,t 'lir Novrlti.1 Ín F'mwfM Kd gt j Hl ..:,i, Prlr of Ct'IPF. Ifici-nti, iind ch ropy eon tff% J ■ rrtiti,.st, f(v%(i bf that imount ín Sedt, w thitlL Fflj JA. V1CK. Hcrt(i?"-., I!EMbiter, N. raB Weil ürilling Machinen SOLD ON TRIAL, n No Cash Payment- or ettlement of any i kind- untll after a tn SATISFACTORÏ TEST, ffi Machlnery and Toóla ni j Guaranteed to make Wells mí anywhere, til j and at the rato of 3 ft. to O very 2 ft. lij I by any other machine , or no sale. if Ë THE BEST"'wy I SI THE CHEAPEST. MI I Empire Well Auger Co.. '-MACA ". V 2 nSLSÜ tisingAgency f Haam M. W. AVEK A SON. our autboriwd aseatk


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