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Dlsarmlng an Cnsecii Foe. " This was someiime a paradox," as Hi.ralet says. Since, however, the people of America anri other lands have beeD onabled to pit Hostetter's Stomach Bitters agaiust that uuseen foe, malaria, it is no longer a paradox, but an easy possibility. Wherever malaria evolves its misty venom to poison the air, and decaying unwholageme vegetation impregnates the water, there, in the very stronghold oL miasma, is the auxiliary potent to disarm the foe and assure efficiënt protection. Fever and ague, bilious remittent, dumb ague and ague cakes, no matter how tensciously they have fastened their clatch on the sysfem, are first forced to relax their grasp and eventually to abandon it altogether. Bat it is its preventive force that should chiefly recommend the Bitters to persons dweiling in malaria-cursed localities, for it ie a certein buckler oí defenee against whieh the enemy is powerless. Sures, likewise, dyspepsia, rheumatism, kidney and bilious aüments. He who is deroted to everybody is devoted to nobody. CROTTP, WHOOPING COÜGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. Sold by Bberbach & Son. There is not enough religión in the world to admit of the annihilution of religions. ÍW A aníi rcabl" Medicinen are thebest VjVW todependupon. Acker's BI ood Elixir has been prescribed for y ears for all impuritiesof theBlood. In every formof Scrofulous, Syphiliticor Mercurial diseases, itis invaluable. For Bheumatism, bas no equal. John Moork, Druggist. Nothing is degrading which a high aud graceful purpose ennobles. If Yoiir P.UIn Is rough, fnd r:nply or oowred with blüLcheá aiid sores, and you watit a dea", smooth 'kin and fair crmplexion, U?6 Sulnhur Bitters. The b;-sl medicit e in Rush pa?es I ever sold. - 0. E. Schemer & Oo., Druggist, Liiw rence, Mass The New York Suaday Star is enjoying an immeiise boom on acoount ut the rise in prioe of the other Sunday papers. The Sta' rotaiun ihe old pno ard is makirjg a gri'at success by its poücv. A Sensible Man Wou'd use K'nip's Bnlsam for the Thront and Luns0. It 's ruring m re oKse; of Oougns, Oolfis, A-v m, Bronchitw, (ïr-up and all Thro .' end Lang Troabtes, than ny i tner d.mIiüiti'. The pioprtetor has auihorzed wny diugift to pie yu n Sani.l ■ Bot !■ Free to oonviDea you of the aierii rf rhK crreat. remeiiy. Irg' BotUes 50o and $1. The Eag'i'h linguage bas racht'? the -ily of Guatemala in the forin of a nt vspaper. The editor is deierrninéd 10 linve a Central Ameritan AssciiUe 1 Prö88 before the summer ig over. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, of BourboD, Iüd., says: "Both rnyseif aad wire owe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." Sold by Eberbach & Son. OH! MY HEAD. The pain ftom Neuralgia and its compauion disease Bheumatism ia excruciating. Thousands who could be (juickly cured are needlessly suffering. Ath-lo-pho-ros will do for others what it did for the following parties: Williamsport Ind., Oot. 8. 1887. Having boen atilicted with neuralgia for the past fouryears, und trying almost overything, but in vaiu, I tinally heard of Athlophoros. Alter taking one bottle I fouud it to be helping me, and after taking f our botUes of Athlophoros and one of Pilis, I f ound that I tras entirely well. I think the medicine ís poaitively a ente cure. Ohíüncet B. Eeddiok. Mt. Carmel, Dl., Deo. 26. 1887. I have nsed Athlophoros in my famuy and find it to be the greatest medicine for neuralgia in existence, and ha ving bad lts fangs f astened npon me for the past 30 years I know whereof I speak. Mus. Julia Chilton. 9"!nd 6 cents for the beautifiú colored pieture, " Moorish Maiden." THE ATHLOPHOROS C0. 112 Wall Sf. N. Y. BUSINESS CARDS. ALEX. W. HAMILTON Attorney at l,n . Will praotice in both State and Dnited StatfS Courts. Office Rooms, one and two, lst floor o! the new brick block. comer of Hurón nd Fourta 9treets, Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Office over First National Bank.) Hoüks: 10:30 to 12 m. and 2:30 to 3:30 p. m. Can be reached atresidence, West Huron-st., a the " Prof. Nichol place " ; by telephone No. 97 and will reply to calis in the evening. r R. WILLIAMS, Attorney at I.u , Milán, Hicb, Moneyloaned for outside parties. All legal business given prompt attention. GET CE. GODFEIY TO 1O TOIK DK.vriXU. Freight work, Furniture and Piano moving, oí anything else that you need done. He has all the latcst appliances, largest drays and best forcé of men, and is a hustler. Kesldence, 46 Si. 4th-st. Telephone 83 WM. W. NICHOLS, DENTAL PARLORS over Savings Bank oppoaite Gourt House Square. Teeth extracted without pain by use of Gas or Vitalized Air. Ann Arbor Fruit Farm Berry Planta, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Bears and Grapevines a Specialty. Syrupa and Home-Made Wines. Syrup of Raspberry ; Bartlett Pear Syrup, Bone sett, Dandelion and Raspberry Wines and Shrubs for Liver and Kidney troubles; Sweet Red Concord and Martha White Wines, especially prepared lor Invalids. Order Trees and Plants early, as we get most of them from the best Nurseries K. li.llK. West Hnriin Mn A BCB !s on flle n rhiuaripni VaY fclfat . tho NewBpaper Advef idüítisIngAgency of Messnv VER SON. oor authorlzed ageñU


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