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There is no love lost between Prussia and gome of the outlying little kingdoms she has anuexed. Many Bavarians hate Prussia as heartily as France does the whole Germán empire. It wül be a surprise to read the following editorial f rom The Bavarian Fatherland ia reference to the recent troubles in Zanzíbar: In Zanzíbar a dranken Prussian sailor woundad a native. Thereupon a general massacre vas threatened. A detachinent of marines was aocordlngly landed f rom the crulser Ielpsio to protoot the besotted Prnsslan swine and the Germán eonsulate to whïch the Prussians had fled In thair tvror trom the furyof the "rabble." Whoerar does not f all down In the dust bef ore a Prusslau belongs hencelorth to the "rabble." 80 it was In Somoa, 80 it was here, so it la everywhero. First a Prussian geta drunk. Then he raises a row and insulta whoe-rer comes witbln reaoh of hls rude flats. If this Prussian bruUUty lsresented, then a "detachment of marines are landed," the devil is let looae and the blood and Uves of a host of innocent persons are sacrifleed. Would It be eurprising, tl) en, if the nativas of Zanzíbar laid hold of the Prusslans and dropped themall together lnto thedaepest depthsof tb We dvUlzed Europsans are of course aocustomedtolet ourselves be trodden underfootby the Prusskuis. 'fherein oonsiats a good part of our (dvilization. But these Orientáis are so uncultured that they are not wüllng to Bubmlt to every lndignity from a Prussian. Therefore, thy most be "civülzed" Prussian fashloiL


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