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Real Estate Transfers

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Mary C. Albrecht to E. B. & M. C. Albreoht, Ann Arbor ... 1 George M. Russell to William Gotts, Auguta 1000 Adaline E. Holland to Caroline H. Chapin Ann Arbor 3800 Alfred E. Perry to Mary E. Martin, Ypsilanti 500 Thos. fceat to Laura 8. Northrop. Yptilanti 1000 James N. Wallaceto Herbert F. Day, Ypsilanti 900 Joseph McMahon to John A. McMahon, Manchester .. 6000 Hudson T. Morton to Oscar O. Sorg, Ann Arbor 200 Chas. S. Chadwickto Wm.D. Chadwick, Sharon „ 2500 Sarah E. Bogardus to Edgar Bogardus, Ypsilanti.. 600 H C. Glover to E. W. and E. L. Thora, Ypsilanti 500 Caroline H. Chapin to F. B. and C. Braun, Ann Arbor 2850 Maria Stevens to Albert Stevens, North(ielcl „ i Edwin L. Dunn to Emma M. Mantor, Ypsilanti 1800 Robert Aahton, by heirs, to Hrvey Cornwell, Ann Arbor 250 Mary R. Cross to Sarah A. Sage, Ypsilanti 300 Edward A. Gott to George P. Stauch, Ann Arbor 500 Wm. H. Well8to Edward A.Gott, Ann Arbor 1 Julia Maria Clark, by heirs, to Wm M. Clark, Ann Arbor „ 5000 Wm. Gibson to Albert F. Ball, Milan 475 Charles Thrasher to Albert F. Ball, Milan 100 Eli Roberts to Louis H. Miller, Augusta. 125 George W. Smith to Emma St. Clair.Ann Arbor 500 Nathan T. and Allen P. White, by heirs, to Emll Golz, Ann Arbor „ 437 Nathan T. White, by heirs, to Emil Golz, Ann Arbor 1 Nathan T. White, by heirs, to Emil Golz, Ann Arbor 1