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Milwaukke, Augf. 30.- AtyesterdaymornIng's sess'on of the National encampmen the election of oflleers for the ensuing year was completed. Dr. Horace P. Porter, of Kansas, was chosen Surgeon-General; W. H. Childers, of Kentucky, Chaplain, and Comrade Lovett, Junior Vice-Com. mander. General Alger, president of the Logan monument fund, reported that the collectionsto date aggregated $11,119.60. A resolution was adopted President Harrison for the appoinfcnentTof comrade James Tanner as Connnissioner ot Pensions, and hls policy was approved. Also one appropriating 1,000 yearly for the care and maintenauce of the cottage of Mount McGregor in which General Granfc died. General Alger's resolution deprecating the practico of turning Memorial Day into aday of festivity was unanimously adopted, as was one reeognizing the Sons of Veterans as an auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Eepublic. The sham naval battle on the lake front In the evening, which ended the spectacular portion of the encampment, was a splendid spectacle, being participated in by about sixty vessels, besides a stationary mortar fleet, and by about 3,000 infantrymen and artillerymen. There were fired 70,000 rounds of musketry, 3,000 sbells, 4,500 rockets, and 20,000 pounds of flreworks were exploded. The plan of the battle was an attack by a hostlle iieet and repulse by the shore batteries, supported by the infantry. Mtlwaukee, Aug. 81.- The closing sesuion of the G. A. E. encampment was held yesterday morning. A resolution was adopted reaffirming the action of the last encampment upon the subject of general pension legislation and instructingthe pension committee to use all proper rneans to secure leffislation in accordance with such policy. The resolution embraces the Disability bilĂ­ and also calis for the passage of a per-diem service pension bilL A letter frora Mrs. Sheridan was read turning thanks for the memorial page and portrait of General Sheridan which had been given in the report of last year's proceedings. The usual resolutions of thanks to all who had placed tha encampmenfc under obligations to theni were then passed. The business of the encampment having been concluded Commander Warner delivered a closing address on retiring from the chair. The Adjutant-General then called the officers-elect to the platform and the ceremony of installation was performed. When this v as accomplished the encampment adjourned sine die. Eailroad reports show that 175,000 strangers passed through the gates of the depots during the week. The amount of money spent in tha city is placed at from 1750,000 to ?1,000,000.


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