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THE LAWS OF MICHIGAN DO NOT APPROVE OF LOTTERÏEST SSXSSa EVERYBODY HOWEVER IS IlsTTERESTED I3ST FRIENDS, TOWNS'-PEOPLE, STUDENTS, EVERYBODY. THIS STRIKES YOU ALL. BEBE IS OUR SOHiaiIB: We have taken the average sales for the years 1887 and 1888 from September 15th to December 31st as our basis, and now offer this proposition. Five per cent. of all sales over this average during the corresponding time in 1889 we will make into three divisions, one-half to be GIVEN TO THE SALESMEN who must do the extra work, the BALANCE TO BE DIVIDED equally between the GYMNASiUM FÜND OF THE UNIVERSITY, and the LAD1ES CHARITABLE UNION. Ihe " boys " and their friends will be happy, the Students interested in the Gymnasium, and everyone possessing a chord of sympathy for charity, as displayed through this splendid organization of the Ladies will rejoice and we will not mourn if the projest costs ua a large sum. This, th.en, is your benefit. We simply furnish the means and opportunity and may be obliged to pay the fidler. Now we never do anythiag "by h.alves, and in this case we are going to offer iaducements eaetraordinary. UNDERWEAR WHICH SOLD LAST SEASON FOR 50 ets., $1.00, $1.35, $1.50, $2.00, NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW 34c. 67c. 98c. $1.19. $1.5O. These are all jobs, bought by the case early last Spring for the express purpose of giving customers unprecedented bargains. Merchants could pur chase these goods at the prices named, sell them at a fair margin, and still give their customers good value. THE Y CANNOT LAST FO REVER. Buy now while we have all sizes. Suspenders, 2 for 25c, and 3 for 50c, are extra value, worth 20c and 25c each. Handsome Neckwear 25c and 50c, Overalls and Working Pants warranted not to rip. OÜR CHItDRBH'SPmOR Was never so loaded with choice novelties as at present. Knee Pants, 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. This is a special feature for mothers, as it enables a boy to wear out an old coat, and saves her the thankless task of cutting down, and making over a pair from some boy of larger dimensions. MOTHERS, WHAT AXT AXTXTOTZITG JOB THIS HAS BEEN I Suits for Children, Suits for Boys, Suits for Youths, Fine Dress Suits, Kncck-about Suits, Suits for all purposes. Iu this room we are showing a line of Suits for Youths, ages 14 to 19 in Sacks, Four-button-frocks and Prince Alberts that cannot be excelled, or even equalled. Our aim is to carry goods tha we can warrant to be satisfactory. It is not the one sale we look for as much as to make and retain a customer. THE HAT AND CAP DEPARTMENT Has always been our leader. Our hat business is constantly increasing and the " Genial Artist " who endeavors to keep this room in order is usually so busy that his task seems hopeless. Sole Agent for the Dunlap, Guyer, Stetson, and other standard makes. When wanting a Cheap Hat, a Good Hat or a Stylish Hat, Come to us. See the Fancy Caps, Steamers and Furbans for Children. OUR CLOTHING DEPARTMENT Is "too full for utterance." The fact is we lost our head. The bargains were tumbled upon us in such endless profusión that we grasped an overload. OVERCOATS WILL BE OUR HOBBY FOR SOMETIME, and we were never in such condition to give you fits. MEN'S WINTER OVERCOATS ONLY $2.00, but we are not bragging about these. We want to sell you a better one, Say, $5.00, $6.50, $8.00, $1000, $12 00 $15.00 or $16.00. THESE ARE G.EAT. ' ' FALL OVERCOATS ARE A NEOESSITY In this changable Climate, and we are prepared to make you comfortable at slight expense. Should we touch " SUITS FOR MEN " the subject and Stock would be too great for adequate description. We are offering good suits at $3.50 to $5.00, but at $8.50, $10.00, $12.00 and $15.00, we can please anyone. Our Corkscrews in Sacks, Four-button-frocks, and Prince Alberts cannot be duplicated in price or quality. LET US SEE YOU ! Honest Goods, Fair Dealing, One Price, and that a Low One, Together with an over whelming stock, carefully and judiciously selected, is bound to take the lead. A. L. NOBLE, LEASING CIOTHIER AND BATTER.


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