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Don't fail to see the fine art exhihit at the Smper Macufactory. Cj's office, Opera House Baildinsr, commenciDgon Nov. 12th. All are cordially invited, espeoially the [dies. 76 Mr. L. H. Clement, of the Allmendinger Piano & Organ Co., called our attentioa to an elegant, upright piano of Haine3 Bros', make, whicb ia now on exhibición at their retail store on Main-st. This pinno wa manufactured to order at a cost of $650, and is intended as a present to Mr9. L. H. Clemeat. It is a magriSnient instrument in a handsome bird-pye maple case, something cew in this viciuitv. Tne panels, columns, and pilasters are all flnely carved in wtll executed designs. The instrument is sotnewhat larger than the ordmary upright piano, and has a prolongation and completeness of sound which is considered the acme of perfection. The tone is wonderfully rich, iull and sweet, three essential feature nrt always found in the same piano. Tne piano was ordered from designs by Mr. Clement on his recent trip to New York, andisprobably thefinest instrument that has ever found its way into this city, although all of the ctlebrated HainesBros.' pianos are noted the world over for their sweet tone and superior workmanship. This piano will be on exhibición for a few days at the retail store of the Allmendinger Piano & Organ Ca., and all lovers of fine musical instrument are iovited to cali and examine it. 76 Have your plctures framed before the rush at Randail's. A new lot of choice moulding8 just received. I.oik Her e, Cltisensof Ann Arbor. H. J. Brown has jut secured the sale of the greaieít medical discovery f the age, the Dr. R. MacFariand's Indian Pili, a positive cure for rheumatism, sciatic or chronic, inflammatory, sick and nerïous hendachc and stom ach disorders. It posiiively cures ihe above complaints when uaed according to directions. We only ask a trial of one box and if they fail to benefit you, then your money will be refnnded. Remember we say refunded This is a highly concentrated preparation in pill form, entirely free from all deleterious iugredients, a cornbined alterative and laxtive and blood purifying remedy; and those who are efflicted will do well to try this greatest of all discoveries. Be sure and get the genuine, see trade mark design on each box, a pink wrapper and yellow telescope box. Fif'y pilla in each box, fifty days treatment for one dollar. Sold in Aon Arbor only by H. J. Brown. Pur fine millinery gi to Randail's. Dr. Frutta of New Tork. A prominent advertisement of Dr. Fruth occurs in this number of The Register. The doctor has made regular visits here for some time and he has tucceeded in curing a goodly number of the afBicted that had been unsuccesstully treated both f ar and near. He makes chronic diteises and diseases of the eye and ear aspecialiy. It ia said the doctor never makes a mistake in diagnosing a case and tclls without asking questions the patient's trouble. Jas. Toms wishes to cali the attention of his patrons anJ the citiz-ns in general to his lcrge parlor i vies, cheap. AIso his chrysanthemums, now getting fast in bloom, carnations in potSj prímulas, cyclamens thickly set with buds, etc. Please cali and see them. 76 Miller-Avb Greenhouse. The Ale and Beef Co. of Dayton, Ohio, have so far prore?sed as to have placed their preparation on the market and it can now be procured at our drug stores. The comparaiively small cost of these goods, 25 cents per bottle, widens its popularity and places it within the reach of all Ale and beef are the only insrredients that enter into thecompoition oL the new remdy. The medical profession are unstinted in their praie of the medicine. They look upon it as an aid in their prolèssion, it being a mild stimulaot with a perfect food, the only article of the kind ever produced. It is clearly beneöcial to a well erson, but in ca3f s of febrial symptom, indigestión, and for nurcii g mothera it is indispensiMe, now that it can be obtained. The Register predicts a bright fature for this Compaay, a heavy interest in which is held in this city. 75 New holiday goods just received and placed on sale this week at Randell's. Choice, new imported wares - no duplicateg Cxll early and select. S. Ij. J. Russell H.Conwell AT TTaivorsity Hall, Friday Eve., Nov. 8 SUBJECT: "Acres of Diamonds." Rev. .T. M. Gelston says, " I have heard Russell H. Conwell lectnre four times, twico on his favorite therne "Acres of Diamonds, and consider him one of the most popular and intereeting lecturers before the public to-day." Season Tickets Good for ttae Entire Connc, $1.50, Single Tickets, OUc. Boards at Wahr's, Main-st. and Andrews & Co., State-st. DON'T FAIL TO II F. IK HIM. INSTRUCTION Ia Painting1 Miss Mattie Harriman Wlil glve Lessons in 011 and China Painting. The Koyal Worcester Style of DecoraIliis China a Speelnlly. For larticiilars inqnire at 47 Washtenaw Avenue tf


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