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Turned Out Of His Store

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The financial event of the week has been the closing of the store oL F. E. Yale on State-st, on a chattel mortgage, which took place on Monday morning. The mortgage was given last July by Yale to his wife, and was for $3,000 which it was clhimed she had let them have. Early Monday morning an assignment of this mortgage froni Mrs. Yale to her son, Ohas. Crawford, a banker at Caseville, was recorded and the foreclnsure immediately followed, deputy sheriff Peterson the levy and taking charge of th stock. Mnnday night an effort was mude by Mr. Yale to regain possession but without ail. Tuesday morninsr the store was the scène of considerable ammemei.t to the outsiders and a great deal of exeitement for the offijers in charge. T.F. Leonard, a constable, appeared at the door and ddmanded admission to serve an execution, wbich had been gecured by Ohae. Mellor for $75 due him. This was refused but Leonard thought hia 45 years services as an offieer were not be balked in this manner. He procured a 6tep-ladder and proceeded to force open the transom over the doors. The transom was opened and then the battte began, Leonard, halt way throusrh the transom ondeavoring to induca those inRide to allow him to enter. Finding that tbis method would avail him nothing, he decided to force h:s way in. Warning those inside to stand aside, Leonard swung himself partly in and prepared to drop. A drawn revolver presented at him stopped him for a moment, and several raps from a cañe only a--oused his ire. Letting himselt drop, he wbs on the insáde and proceeded to make a levy. He was finally put out by foree by those in charge, and tbu.9 the matter now stands, Peters )n still holding the stock under the mortgage. The sheriff, several lawyers and the interested parties have all taktn a hand in the matter, and Leonard is threntened with arrest for breaking into the store, while he in turn contemplates having the entire party arrested for resisting an ofiBcer.


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