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Andrews fe Co., the Huron-st bookseller?, contémplate going out of business and offer their stock at cost. S. C. Andrews will probably move to Chicago and engage in business. The firm has been engaged in the book business in this city 'or nearly 15 yearp, and their retirement will make a decided change in the book trade here. A committee consisting of Mr. H. P. Grlover, Dr. James Hueston and Alderman George, visited Toledo Tuesday in the interest of tb.e T. and A. railroad extensión to Detroit. The offioers of the road gave them a hearing, and arrargements will be made for another meeting soon. - Ypsilantian. Isn't it about time that our citizens used their influence in getting the T. and A. A. to run a branch into Detroit ? A competing line to the metropolis would be a great advantage to Ann Arbor. Subrinah Tice is an oíd lady, 72 years oíd, who has an ungrateful soa. About a year ago she deeded her little property in the third ward in this city to her son, J ames M. Tice and his wife, the consideration being that the son should support the mother and her aged husband. This the son failed to do, but instead raised $100 on the property, had a big time with the money, but did not contribute one cent to his mother. This Judge Kinne considered a little previous on the boy's part, and on Monday the deed was set aside by the circuit court. Next week wil! be cetebrated as the week of prayer by the evangelical churches throughout the country. The services in this city will be held in union each evening instead of alternoons as heretofore, at the various churches as follows: Monday, Presbylerian churnh; Tuesday, Baptist church ; Wednesday, regular prayer meeting at each church ; Thursday, Methodist church; Friday, Congregational church. The pastor of each church -will rieliver an address or sermón on the subjeet suggested by the Evangelical Alliance, on the evening that the service is held in his respective church. The report in last week's Register implying that young Mr. John Cranson of Deiter had committed suicide, was a very unfortunate mistake. We obtained our information from tbe dalles and heneo printed wht we did. The report of our Dexter correspondent, though sent at once, carne juat a few hours too late for us to rectify the mistake. Mr. Cranson was an exceptionally bright young man and was highly esteemed by all who knew him, and it is absurd to think for a moment that he took his owa life. The one who started such a story owes the most humble apology to the heart-broken parents in their great bereavement.


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