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POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel of pnrlty, Rtrength aDd wholesomeneBs. More economical than the ordinary kinds and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low test, short weight ftlum or phosphate powders. Sold (mly ín Cana. ROY AL BARING POWDER CO., 106 Wall t., N. Y. OlIK 35 CENT COLUMN. Advertisements, sueh as To Kent, For Sale, and Wants, not exeeeding three lines, can be inserted three weeks for 25 cents. WANTED. WANTED- A Young lady to take a conree in Shorthand and Typewriting and pay her tnitionbj doinglight work. Cali at school over Calkins' phaimaey on Statest. S. A. Moran, tf WANTED- To purchase in flrst or seeond ward a building lot or a medium sized house and lot. Address S. Rosemhaler, city. 85 WANTED- Two men to sell May's Cough Syrup, well introdnced, easy to sell, good wages. M. C. Reeves, 8 Thompson-st. WANTED -1000 bushels of rye at highest market prices. Allmendinger & Schneider. FOR RENT. FOR RENT- Furnished ho'ise 31 Jefferson-st, corner of Maynard. Enquire at the house. -386. ÍPOR RENT- A suite of rooms in the Hamil1 tou Block, suitaiile for light housekeeping. AlsoRoom for office, apply to HAMJLT0N_ FOR RENT- Two houses, one with seven rooms and one with tour rooms, lnquire at 41 North Fifth Street. 8& l I s 1 , 1 . 1. KOUS. TO LET- The farm ltnown as the Eber White farm situated ou W. Liberty-st., Ann Arbor. lnquire at the house. 85 dl C A Ti di irA A MONTH can be %DV IU gblOU made c'ear of expenses PellinK a NEW I'KTORIAI. bonk we havejustpublished. Agents raeetinj? with great success. We furnish explanatory circulara free. Address O. A. BROWNING & CO. Toledo, Ohio. P. S.- A few general geots wanted on special commission or guaranteed salary. MRS. E. A. HOYT, Will Make a SPECIAL SALE! OF FELT HATS, COMMENCINCr NOVEMBER 25. A Full line of Millinery, Fancy Goods and Halr Goods can alwaya be found at NO. 7 ANN ST., ANN ARBOR. MARY F. MILEY'S ART EMBROIDERY AMD STAMPING ROOMS. All Materials for Fancy Work constantly on Hand. Zephyre, Yarr.. Germantown .Wools, Canvas. Feite, etc. Agent for the P. D. Corset. MARY F. MH.EY. No. 20 E. Wasnington-St., Ann Arbor. ATTENTION. Ho. 13 Aun St., is the place for Good Bargains! IN TEA, TOFFEE, KEROSENE Olí-, ckovhêky, mips, L !!.:";"L TI.WAKE, BL'TTOI, THREAI, HOSIERY ROVHIKU IIOI1SIS. EX"Sïss WAGONS, OH. CAMM, SI.OI' ?ïlLs, BROOMS, Rl'SIIE, TOYS AK1I i SOTOSS. GOOM MARK EH DOWWTO THE UWM PO1MT. LAKGE STOCK, NEW GOOBS. L. M. BENNETT. HICKORY AND HICKORYJTIMBER. I will pay I2 oo per cord. cash. for Good Second Growth Hickory Butts, suitable ior Axe Handles. Delivered at myShopf or at M. C. R. R. Track, Ypsilanti. Good Second Growth White Ash also wanted. C. W. DICKINSON, Ypsilanti, Mich. Ebrrbarh Sons, Ann Arbor, "PP'y Aitentsfor ie Grrat Frencli Hem fy , R. LeDIC'S PJEBIODIOAI. from Paris. France, act only upon the licneratiT oreans in témales and positively cure upression of the menses (from whatever cause,) and al periódica] troubles peculiar to women. A safo, reíiable remedy warianted to promote menstrua tion or money refunded Should not be used during presnancy. The large proportion of 111 to whieh ladies are Hable Is the direct result of dlsi.rdered or lrrepar .1"e5tírlwOnpTT I CO dniKgist, Ann Arbor. AMERIrAN PILI. CO Spencer, Iowa. Robekt Stevenson & 00 Wholesale Agents, Chicago.


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