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A Grist Of Grundyisms

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When a policman shoots it is safost to olimb a telegraph pole. A deal of vulgar slang passes in these days for small talk. Manual labor is not half as hard as striving to keep up appearances. It is a mystery how so many people oan keep up with the procession. The writers of trashy novéis appear to have got to the end of their rope. Mejí anxious to be sons-in-law in rioh families are unusually numerous. Many a laundress suffers beoause her oustomers have "bet on the races." Natukal, unaffected girls are very iew and sadly far between in society. It is a mistake to imagine that the high-priced hotels are always the best. Maeriaoes of affection in fashionable life are fewer and fewer every season. The girl of the period has altogether too much freedom and social latitude. Some of the hanlsomest houses are owned by people who aro never in them. It is a great mistake to envy all oí those who are within the ''high life" circls. "Keeping horses and carriages" in these days does not necessarily mean wealth. The winter resprt hotel men are tho only ones who wish for "prolongad snow and ice." Women who make a specialty of conpiouous dress in the streets are often nobodies


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