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Haines Bros, Celebrad Upríght Pianos Are Used and Recommended by a Few Pretty Good Judges of PIANOS. ♦- Read What Some of Them Say : Craig-y-Nos Castle, ï YSTRADGYNLAIS (SWANSEA VaLLEY), Y South Wales. ) Messrs. Haines Bros.: The upright Piano-forte you shipped to me has arrived in perfect condition at the castle, and I must say I never heard one with such lovely tone. Each time that I use it I am the more surprised and pleased with it. Until I became acquainted with your instrumenta I believed it an impossibility to find such pure quality and volume of tone in any instrument but the Concert Grand. Assuring you of my delight with my Piano, and with sentiments of distinguished regard, believe me, Your sincere friend, ADELINA PATTL Do you consider Patti a Judge? Messrs. Haines Bros.: The Piano-forte of your make used at mj concert last night, is the most admirable instrument I have ever seen. I was especially pleased with its marvelous sustaining and carrying quality, as well as with the delicacy and evenness of its action, which I was afforded a complete opportunity of testing in accompanying myself during the concert. Very sincerely yours, CHRISTINE NILSSON. Do you consider Nilsson a Judge? , Messrs. Haines Bros.: I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the iavoice of the magnificent Upright of your make that I selected, and herewith enclose shipping directions. Neither in Europe nor America have I seen an upright that equaled yours in pure singing quality and great volume of tone, or elasticity and evenness of action. It will have constant use in the salon of my villa at Bologna. Believe me, with much respect, Sincerely your friend, ETELKA GERSTER. Do you consider Gerster a Judge? Messrs. Haines Bros., New York: Gentlemen,- Permit me to congratúlate you on your great success in the front rank of American manu facturers, who, beyond question, make the best Piano-fortes in the worü I am especially pleased with your Upright. It is superior in quality of tone and evenness of action to any instrument of this style I have ever seeñ, and fully deserves all the praises that can be sounded in its favor. Sincerely yours, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. Do you consider Kellogg a Judge? Messrs. Haines Bros., New York: Gentlemen, - After careful examination, I have much pleasure in expressing to you my opinión of your Upright Piano-forte, which is, that in all the qualities an artist can require, it surpasses anything I have ever seen. Sincerely yours, SOFIA SCALCHL Do you consider Scalchi a Judge? OPUS OF RESIDENTS IN Al ARBQR. Julius V. Seyleb, Son of Adam D. Seyleb. November 10, 1889. Mr. Lew H. Clement: Dear Sir,-My opinión of the Haines Piano? It is one of the best instrumenta made. I say it unhesitatingly. In iudging an instrument, three things are considered: The tone, action and wearing qualities. The tone of the Haines Piano is remarkably sweet, the action well tempered, and the wearing qualities as good as any in the market. Yours respectfully, JULIUS V. SEYLER. Read what the American Musician, New York, has to say of Mr. Seyler's ability: Julius V. Seyler has met with most enthusiastic reception whenever he has appeared, since his return from Berlín, where he has spent two years under Professor X. Scharwenka. His first concert was at the Detroit Opera House, October lst. He played the F minor Fantaisia, by Chopin a group of pieces by the Schwarwenka Brothers, and the 12th Rhapsodie Hungroise, by Liszt. His playing is virile, unctious, and consummately artistic, and his success immediate and pronounced. He has since played at Ann Arbor, under the auspices of Professor A. A. Stanley, of the University of Michigan, and at Ypsilanti, under the auspices of Professor F. H. Pease, of the State Normal School. At both places his reception fairly amounted to an ovation.- American Musician, Nov. 2, 1889. . We think you will acknowledge that Mr. Seyler is competent to judge on the merits of a piano and knows what he is talking about. Oüb Genial County Clebk is Satisfied. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 16, 1889. Mb. Lew H. Clement: Dear Sir - The Haines Bros. Piano we bought of you some months ago, is wholly satisfactory to us and a source of continued favorable comment from our friends. If any one wants to know what we think of it, say anything in its praise, and you can t put it too strong. Yours, FRED A. H0WLETT. Haines Bros. were established ia 1851 by Mr. Napoleon J. Harnea, who is still actively at work in hi new lactory, rected about one year ago and which ia considerecl hy every piano manufacttirer in New York City to be one oí the iargesst, and best appointed faetones in America. Small dealers, who seli inferior instrumenta, and those but httle known in the raarket. endeavor to claim that testimoniáis from prominent artista mean nothing; that they are all purchased and can be obtained for any piano by paying for them. We will defy any piano maker or any dealer to show us a testimonial equal to the above for any instrument whatever whicn does not stand among the trade as a first-class instrument, among which are Steinway, Knabe, Haines Bros., and others of equal ment A first-class piano can get first-class testimoniáis from nret-elass artista; but no artist will lower himself in the estimation of musical people by giving testimoniáis for inferior instrumenta. If you desire to know more of these standard instrumenta, we shaU be glad to show them to you and furniah you further testimoniáis, catalogues, and price lists. Factory, Cor. First and Washington Sts. h Retail Depot, 38 South Main Street. LEW H. CLEMENT, Manager. : m


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