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Great Lecture on Catarrh. This Prevalent Malady Graphically Described. An Eminent Actress Cured. Polypus of the Nose, the Result of Catarrh. Pe-ru-na and La-cu-pi-a. Chronic Catarrh. This term is applied to a low form of inflammntion oí the mucus membrane of the nose, gradually spreading through the head and down the throat. Chronic (old) Catanh (cold), henee Chronic Catarrh is an old cold. A person takes a cold in the head; in time he contracts another, which will increase the previous attact. In the course of time he is conscious of never being free from a cold. Henee, it is remnants of several colds that generallv constitutes Chronic Catarrh. Children take cold during an attact of Measles, Scarlet Fever, Croup, Diphtheria or Mumps, which may extend into the middle ear, producing running of the ears, and partial or even total deafness, or ït may attack the tonsils, permamently enlarging them. The disease may extend into the larynx and destroy the voice - aphonia, or render it husky for lite. Finally, it may pass down along the mucous membrane into the bronchial tubes, producing Bronchitis or Asthma, and may even extend into the aircells of the lungs and avvaken Consumption. Varieties. - Humid, Hypertrophic, Suppurative, and Atrophic Catarrh. Humid Catarrh is a common cold,becomcs chronic with discharges from the nose and throat. This form is often called "Follicular Pharyngitis." HyPERTROPHIC CATARRH.-The mucous membrane is thickened, of grayish-red appearance, and elastic to the touch. The discharge is wbitish, stringy and tenacious. Sometimes the thickened mucous membrane exercises so much pressure on the irntated nerves that it produces very annoying neuralgic pains or headache, which cannot be permanently relieved until the Catarrh is cured. Suppurative Catarrh. - In this form of Chronic Catarrh the expectoration is greater, and finally becomes profuse, yellow and tenacious. The quantity of the discharge from the nostrils and through the posterior nares is sometimes enormous. Atrohic Chronic Catarrh. - (ozcena), is also known as LJlcerative, Dry and Fetid Catarrh, and when the syphilitic or scrofulous poison is associated with this disease it is called Symphilitic Scrofulous Catarrh. In this condiüon the phlegm and mucous become thicker and much more tenacious than in the other varieties of Catarrh described above, and instead of being expectorated, becomes dry, forming scabs or hard lumps, which cause Atrophy, or thinning of the membrane. When this form of Catarrh is fully developed it usually causes a green or bloody discharge, and yet in the majority of cases of this variety the patiënt can breathe fairly well through the nose. In some cases the disease assumes the Atrophic iorm at once. Some linger long with this loathsome Ulcerative Catarrh, going on from bad to worse, able to work and apparently enjoy life, until finally the lungs are suddenly attacked with Galloping Consumption. Catarrh is the most prevalent, the most productive of discomfort, and most Hable to a variety of dangerous and distressing complications of all chronic diseases. When Catarrh extends to the bronchial tubes it soon produces shortness of breath and palpitation of the heart on slight exertion. Again, in the same manner, the disease extends down the mucous membrane of the oesophagus to the stomach, causing Indigestión, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, and sympathetic derangement of the heart. Treatment. If the Chronic Catarrh of the nose, head or throat is of the humid form, or of a mild character, take a tablespoonful of Pe-ru-na before each meal and at bedtime, and continue it without the least interruption until a perfect cure is effected. But if the disease is of long standing, and is therefore of Hypertrophic variety, or if there is much hawking or expectoration - supperative in form - take a tablespoonful of La-cu-pi-a before each meal and at bedtime, and continue to use_ it without the least interruption until six bottles have been taken. Then discontinue the La-cu-pi a and luk e a large tablespoonful of Pe-ru-na before each meal regularly, and at bedtime, until perfect recovery has taken place. But, should the bowels be constipated, a sufficient dose of Mana-lin must be taken as directed on the label of the bottle, half an [.hour after each meal, to produce one fiee motion from the bowels dailv. This treatment, if continued a few months with persistence and regularity, will positively cure every case of Chronic Catarrh. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will Ilústrate the use ot Pe-ru-na and La-cu-pi-a in the treatment of Catarrh by giving, in the language of patients, cures of the vaneties to which each is applicable. The first is of the Humid variety, for which Pe-ru-nais a sure cure: From the popular actress, Joeie Sisson (Little nuggret.; Atchisox, Kan.- Dr. S. B. man & Co. - Gentlemen: The bottle of Pe-ru-na reached me safely. Thanks for your prompt attention. Three months ago I was a terrible sufferer from Acute Catarrh or influenza. The slightest change of temperature, or a draught would bring on a spell of sneezing, lasting for hours; clear water would run from my nose, and my eyes became so añected I could scarcely bear the light. My throat was always sore ai.d inflamed. I tried various remedies, but with only temporary relief, until seing your circular which so accurately desrribed the catarrhal troubles, that I instantly knew under which head my disease carne. I commenced taking Pe-ru-na as directed, and began to improve with the first bottle. I am as well now as ever, rarely sneezing, and then only from great exposure, that is unavoidable in my profession. I am also enabled to take my daily bath in a fireless room, for the first time in three winters. I cannot express my gratitude, but heartily recommend your treatment, as with strict attention to your directions it cannot fail to cuie. Very respectfully. Josie Sisson. Permanent address, Box 47, Madeir, Hamilton county, Ohio. The folio wing is of the Chronic Atrophic variety, complicated with polypus growths, for which La-cupi-a is the only reliable cure of which I have any knowledge : WORTIIINGTON', FrANKXIN Co., O.- Dr. S. B. Hartman & Co.- Sirs: "I had been afflicted for fifteen years with Chronic Nasal Catarrh. I had msde every effbrt to get rid of it, and employed a number of firstclass physicians to treat me, but failed to get any relief. Then I started to be my own doctor. I tried all the various popular catarrh remedies - gave them all full,fair extended trials, and found that, whatever they were said to have done for others, they didn't fill the bill in my case." ' Polypus. "Then began a new phase of suffering. Folypi, those terrible tumors which grow out of certain forms of Catarrh, began to develop in my nose. Then I began among the surgeons. Every one whom I consulted said he could remove them, but that the Polypus was that sort of a tumor that, even if removed, there was nineteen chances out ot twenty it would giow again. " About this time some one to whom my case was familiar, said to me one day: 'Why don't you go and see Dr. Hartman? He is one of the greatest surgeons of the time.' I thought I'd make just one more trial. So I called on Dr. Hartman. After a careful and thorough examination he said he could remove the Polypus, and what was more to the purpose, remove it in such a way that it would never return. This was indeed, good news. He removed the Polypus, without pain. The Polypus did not return, and now the danger of its doing so is passed. My nose is as clear as any body's and I can breathe through it as well as ever." The doctor's success in removing the nasal tumors gave me confidence in him and I wanted him to cure the Catarrh and make me whole again completely. He advised me to use La-cu-pi-a, and follow it every way the directions contained in a little book he gave me, called 'The Hls of Life'. 'If you do this,' said the doctor, '111 guarantee you'U get rid of Catarrh, of long standing as it is, just as easy as you did of the Polypus.' Well, to make a long story short, I began to use the Lacu-pi a, following the directions in the Pamphlet, and I am, at this day, a thoroughly sound man. My Catarrh is all gone, my throat and nasal passages are as clear and unobstructed and healthy as nature intended them to be. I teil you there is no medicine to compare with La-cu-pi-a for this terrible disease, in the form I had it. I know La-cu-pi-a alone saved my lif;." Yours Truly, A. M, Noble.


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