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In What Lies The Power?

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What is it in the life of a man wbich always will and always does make him a power for good? This queetion has of late received a three-fold answer, and ought not to pass unnoticed. A business man, who, all testify, exerted a very wide influence for good, has jusï Btepped from time inlo eternity. Now, what was it in the life of W. W. Wines which constituted his real power for good? It was nis Christianity. He was a man of positive, christian belief, always active as a christian and always trying to enforce his belief by a consistent life. It was this, not his business ability, not his standing in society, or as a citizen; but preeminently thw, his christianity, which gave him and [made him a power for good. The same answer to our question is seen in the Uves of tho?e eminent professorc, H. S. Fnez3 and Gr. S. Morris. These men might have beea as eminent in schoiarship and as widely known without their chri8tianity, but would they have exerted the same power for good ? Surely not. They were men of positive christian faith, of active christian service and consistent life. It was this wnich constituted their essential pawer for good. Wanted to-day, everywhere, more of this active spiritual force which blesses all it touches and uplifts the world itself ! Such a power any person can be, whatever the calling or station, if there is positive christian faitb, active christian fervice, and a contis'ent life.


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