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A Fire Horror

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A FAMII.Y 's FATE. HoüGHTON, Mich., Dea 80.- In the town of Hurón, where only a few days ago two women and a babe were burned todeath and nine buildings destroyed.another terrible flre occurred earíy Sunday morning in which eleven persons lost their lives, ten of them being members of one family and the eleventh a young lady visitor. Theodore Gross, with his wife and family, occupied a small frame house, which, it is supposed, was set on fire by an explosión, although the exact origin of the fire will never be known. Of its thirteenoccvipants eleven perished in the flames. The names of the dead are: Theodore Gross, aged 57; Mary Gross, his wife, aged 47; Katie Gross, aged 25; John Gross, aged 19; Anton Gross, aged 13; Mary Gross, aged IS; Lizzie Gross, aged 10; Joscph Gross, aged 9; Michael Gross, aged 6; Lena Gross, aged 2; Lena Erb, a young lady Tiaitor from Lake Linden. Theodore Gross and wife, with their eldest daughter Katie, went to an old people's dancing party Saturday night, returning home at S o'clock in the morning and at once retiring. Katie and Lena Gross occupied the same room, which was on the ground floor, and the other members of the family were sleeping in two rooms on the upper floor. Theodore, one of the sons, came home a quarter oí an hour later from his work at the Huron stamp mili. He blew out the lighted glass kerosene lamp and went to bed in his room on the second floor. About twenty minutes later he was awakened by screams and cries of 'Ure" from his sisters. His brother Nicholas, who occupied the same room with him, was also awakened by the cries, and both jumped out of bed and tried to reach the adjoining room, from which the stairs descended to the first floor, but the ñames drove them back. They then broke the glass in the only window in the room, and but partially ciad and without any thing on their feet, jumped to the ground without injury; A blinding snow-storm was prevailing at the time and it was very cold. They attempted to burst in the doors and Windows ol the lower story to rescue the imprisoned family, but the' flames had made such rapid protfress that nothing could be done and they could then hear no sound from within, the family having all been smothered. The young men then went to a neighbor's for assistance, but by the time they retuned the little building was a heap of smoldering ruins, among which rested the charred remains of ten members of the Gross family and the yosng lady visitor, Miss Erb. Great crowds were gathered all day about the scène of the awful alamity and the remnants of the burned bodies had all been recovered by noon. The mass of steaming flesh and bone was placed on a sled and carried to the fire engine house. The members of the family saved are Nicholas, aged 20, and Theodore, a-ed 17 years, who escaped, and Peter, who is employed in the Osceola stamp mili and who had not returned home before the flre started. The only theory of the fire is that a lamp exploded shortly after it was blown out. There are rumors that the dre&dful calamity was the result of the carelessness of the parents, who, it is alleged, returned home intoxicated from the dance. The children were all born in the house in which they died.


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