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Real Estate Transfers

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L. Pettibone to Edwin Pittibono, Superior.. $ 100 W. 8. Henderson to M. J , A. E. and I. M. Henderson, Ypsilantl 3,000 J. F Harrington to Ann Ilarrington, Chelsea 350 W. C. Fair to D. W. Aylsworth, Ano Arbor „ 1,800 J. II. Bartlett to I. M. and M. M. Bartlett, Ann Arbor „ 600 Ann Barrington to J. B. Bissel, Chelsea 856 C. W. Case to A. C. Stabler, Manchester 425 Stephen Moore to Geo. II. Hammond. Yp6llnti 15.000 A. M. Risdon, by ex., to E. M. Kingsley, Ann Arbor 3,000 Geo C. Cooper to Wm. Van Buren, Ypsllanti !...._.. 1 Hary E. Weller to Mary E. Henry, Dexter... 80 Willis A. Ball to Ann L. Ball. VVebster 1 A. B. Frieze to A. H. Nancrede, Ann Arbor 8,000 L, B. Gorton to Geo. P. Glazier, Chelsea... 1 F. II Sweetlana to Geo. P. Glazier, Sylvan 625 Maria Hiscock to T. A. Hiscock. Ypsllanti 1,000 T. A. Hiscock to Ii. A. Gray, Ypsilanti 1,500 F. W. Browner to C. M. Browner, York 500 L. A. Crouch to F. J. Rust, Augusta 375 J. K. Collar by adm., to Chas. Merrit, Augusta „ 1,200 Ellzabeth Collar to W. F. Canfield, trustee. Ypsilanti and Augusta 600 Robert Hchwikrath to Qeo. P. Glazier, Chelsea „ 119