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North American Review. Contents for May 1890 :- Reforms Needed in the House: The Speaker, Hon. Thomas B. Reed; The Hatred of England, Goldwin Smith; Soap-Bubbles of Socialism, Simon Newcomb; What Shall We Do with Silver? Hon. R. Q. Mills; The Typical American, Andrew Lang, and Max O'Rell; A Few Words on Colonel Ingersoll, Archdeacon Farrar; The Mississippi Floods, G"n. W. A. Greely, Chief of the Signal Bureau; Why Cities are Badly Governed, State Senator Fassett. Protection in Canada, Sr Richard J. Cartwright; Some Questions Answered, Thomas G. Sharman. Notes and Comments: Secret Sessi ons of the Senate, Edward Stanwood ; Not "Ingereollism," Rev Dr. Lyman Abbott; The Methodist Episcopal Bishop, Rev. Dr. T. B. Neely; Abuse of PĆ³lice Powers, Samuel W. Cooper; The Responsibility for Andersonville, Warren Lee Goss; Our Pension System, George Baber. Scribner't Magazine for May contains an article of unut-ual richness in illustration, dealing with the country around Barbizon, made famous by Millet's pictures, and with the artist's personality ; a practical article on hotne-building for men of small intomes; two short storiea of striking originality by entirely new writers ; the second paper in the useful "R:ghts of the Citizen" series; and a description of Japanese theatres by a Japanese author, fully illustrated by Japanese artista - with other fiction,es8ay8,andpoems. Amone the artista represented in this beautiful PSueareCarrollBeckwith, Will H. Low, Theodore Robinson, Howard Pyle, Harry Fenn, and Otto Bacher. Among the authors are John Hay, T. J. Nakagawa, (late General of Japan in this city), Engene Schuyler (U. S. Consul-General at Coiro), Francis Lynde Stetson, and Harold Frederic. Charles Scribner & Son, New York. An article on the "Opening of the Base-ball Season of 1890," accompanied by twenty-eight portraits of leading players, and other illustrations, forms the Supplement to Harper's Weekly published April 30. "The New York Ladies' Club" is the subject of an article by Mary Gay Humphreys, published in the number of Harper's Bazar issued May 2. The same number contains a story by Julia Schayer entitled "One Standard." A new serial story by John Russell Coryell, entitled -'Prince Tommy," begins in the number of Horper's Young Peopte published April 29. The story is illustrated by W. A. Rogers. Thia number contains a poem by W. H. Hayne - the son of Paul Hamilton Hayne- entitled "King and Clown." Harper & Brothers, New York. The Forum, edited by Lorettus S. Metcalf, May 1890: 1. "Republican Promise and Performance, " J. G. Carlisle ;2. " Canada through English Eyes," Prof. Gold win Smith ; 3. "The Sufficiency of the New Amendments, " R. A. Pryor; 4. "Literary Criticism," Archdeacon F. W. Farrar; 5. "The Coinage of Silver, " Frederick A. Sawyer; 6. " Bible Instruction in Colleges," Rev. B. W. Bacon; 7. "Jury Verdicts by Majority Vote," Sigmund Zeisier; 8. "TheNaval Battle of the Futurfi,"Lieut. B. A. Fiske; 9. "Woman's Intuilion," Grant Allen; 10. " Government by Rumsellers," Rev. Howard Crosby; 11. "When theFarmer willbe Prosperous, " C. Wood Davis. The Forum Publishing Co., 253 Fifth Ave., New York. W. Hamilton Gibson's natural history articles, accompanied by his own illustrations, in Harper's Young Piople, are beginning to treat of spring subjects as the season advances. The title of the article in the number published May 6 is, "Unfolding Buds."


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