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Burg's Prices. Best Roller Procos Flour , - - 6 n 1. il ■■■■Ilirl Yeast Cake 4 Granulated Sugar - - - 7 No. 1 Japan Te Cholee Oolong or Black Tea. 60 Young Hyson or Green Tea 6 Citrón per pound„ - 25 Baker's Chocolate - 40 Mixed Pickles per Bottle 10 Nudavlne Flakes - 10 1 ponnd Cocoanot 20 1 " Fariña - 8 1 " BlrdSeed. 5 1 " Baking Powder - 20 1 ' Ground Pepper - 20 1 " Glnger. 20 3 pound box Crackers 18 Brush Soap 0 7 Pounds Rolled Oats for 26 g " Best Starch for 20 3 ■ Corn Starch 20 3 " Best Rice 20 3 Cans Corn for 25 3 " Tomatoes 25 10 lbs. Sack Salt 1 56 lbs. Dairy Salt 40 56 lbs. Rock Salt & 4 Oz. Lemon Extract 14 4 Oz. Lemon Vanilla Extract 19 lOcStove Polish 5 Carpet Tacks - i Best N. O. Molasses 65. Vinegar - 12K New MessPork ' Short Clear Pork 8 Cod Fish _. 8 Best Plug Tobacco per pound 30 Smoking Tobacco per pound 15 Bath Brick 6 Everything first class. Everything warranted. Everything goes for Cash. Any amount delivered 5c extra at F. BURG'S, No. 4 E. Washington-St. MAÏTorWÖMAN Shoul carry some Life Insurance and AN OPTION PO1ICY, as now issued by the National Life Ins. Co,, OF VERMONT, Provides for any emetgency that can arise. It can be paid for in; five.ten, or twenty years and contains the followlng guarantees: FIRST- A pald up policy after three years, which amount is written on the face of the policy. 8FCOND- It guarantees you an Annual Cash Valüe, or if the insured needs, or desires to raise money, the Company will loan on this policy, and still keep the policy in force. This is a great advantage to a person who may need money In business or to protect credit. It guarantees extended Insurance for the full amount of Insurance, for so long a time as the cash value will pay for it. This is a valuable option to many who may Ihrough physical, or flnancial mistortune desire their policy carried. In fact this Policy tyotect? gaji?t dVerïty In Business, and also mskes an absolute provisión In case of death, for wife, chüdren or creditors Remember this Policy is ONLV written by the National Life Insuiance Company of Montpeller, Veimont. McCnrdy C. LeBEAU, Special Airent, 9 1-8 Lawrence st. ANX ARBOR. MICB. ■ fAa m ■■■■Ha B "" rnnqiifnr o; W Hl "i i 1SM sk ""' hnntm InternRULAS IiiA#..pss EBEHiBpynr"Aimi mïiH1 f--" auno Iut"ly harmless. If to 'ar preferable tn nnv otht knmmremttlii.i' aperte t cure. Jar dnmkrnnessl atmott certain nsnü n ew rkivs. In moi hoplt--"i'uiliards have beon periectly fr' rrora the c-iivini; aniiptlte for intniieants by UiV.iv,tlna,with and withoiu their knowlpdge. Ai fomtnnlOt1on strictly cntldential. Writo, or. plnaepoUsze, for ITIN V I-A II :t (TOirf.r -. ff. Hor XW. FEBRUARY lst, 1890, - THE- l hlil, fHpeapoli & JYIajiitoba BAILWATI and its branche Decame the Great Northern Ry. Lnie. IF YOU AEE GOING TO THE FREE FARMS OF THE MILK RIVER VALLEY, TAKK TH 7 GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. TO THE GOLD. 8ILVER. COPPER. IRON AND COAL MINES OF MONTANA, tak E TH GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. TO GREAT FALLS, THE fFÜTÜRE INDUSTRIAL CENTRE OF THE KOKTHWEST, TAKE THE GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. TO HELENA, BUTTE, SPOKANE FALL9 AND THE COAST CITIE3, TAKE THE GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. TO FARGO, CROOKSTON, GRAND FORKS AND WINNIPEG, TAKE THE GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. TO ALL MINNESOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, MONTANA, IDAHO, OREGON, WASHINGTON. CALIFORNIA, AND MANITOBA POINTS, TAKE THB GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. For tickets, maps and guides, apply to your home ticket agent or write to F. I. WHITÜEV, Gen. Pass. and Ticket Ag't, Gbeat Northern Railway, St. Paul, Minn. 43-Tbe rent Northern Railway line runs lts own Mannilicent Dining Cara, Palace aleeping Cars. Special Apartment Cars and Free Colonlst Sleepers on Daily Through Trains. QU, IKDEPErDEKCE, WEALTB1 Come to the land of the setting sun. Send for FREE circulare describing the "Garden Spot of Oregon," PurchasfS negotitased for t'mher, hop, fruit, wheat and other lands. Saw-mllls, flourlng milis, canneries, dalrif s, and other enterprises assisteil Eastern capital profitably loaned. Address I'OOPER, PATTEH8ON A VO., Indepen1encp. Polk Co. Oreton. All inquines Answered.


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