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Killed Her Husband

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Mabtinsville, Ind., May 13.- J. W. Brown, a wealthy farmer of Green township, was murdered April 29, 1879. He had been to Indianapolis that day and was known to have some money on nis person. He did not arrive at home until 10 o"clock that night. Every thing was quiet as usual when he retired. His wife had secretly concealed a large monkey-wrench in the bed, and when he was sound asleep shecommenced her hellish work by knocking her husband in the head. The blow was not sufflcientlyhard enough to kill him, and thinking doubtless he was beset by strange f oes, heentered intothestruggle for life. He wrenched the weapon from her hands and gave her a severe stroke in the face. Her cries brought her two sons, Buck and Jim, on the scène, who, with an axe in hand, smashed their father's skull. The neighbors were summoned, but no murderer could be found. The affair had all been previously arranged by Mrs. Brown and her sons in order to obtain the land and money. Afterward enough was learned to warrant the arrest of Mrs. Lou Parrott, daughter of Mrs. Brown, Joseph Greer, a son-inlaw and Buck Brown. They were tried in the Morgan circuit court, butobtained a change of venue to Hendricks County, where Buck Brown was sentenced to two years and the otoers were acquitted. Af ter eleven years the wife on her death-bed acknowledged the horrible deed, telling the foregoing facts. James has since died, but Buck resides in Kansas.


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